Correct spelling for ACCERELATED

We think the word accerelated is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for accerelated

  • accelerate He too had wished to accelerate the marriage between his daughter and her lover, thinking that she would surely accept the money on her lover's behalf.
  • accelerated The man spoke quietly into the mike and the tempo of the removal robots accelerated.
  • accelerator Now, it cannot be denied that caste laws do retard the free and unfettered adoption of a pure faith; and if we assume that a pure faith will in turn become a cause, or even an accelerator, of progress, then it is certain that, as regards the peoples of the towns, caste, as retarding the adoption of the most advanced principles of religion, is an undoubted calamity.
  • accented The river was half a mile in width, yet every word uttered by the chieftain was heard; this may be partly attributed to the distinct manner in which every syllable of the compound words in the Indian language is articulated and accented; but in truth, a savage warrior might often rival Achilles himself for force of lungs.
  • accepted My recollection of it is that war was declared, Mrs. Riis, but that I merely accepted the challenge.
  • accredited The Ella was without an accredited officer, and, for lack of orders to the contrary, the helmsman-McNamara now-was holding her to her course.
  • accumulated Under his accumulated misfortunes, he grew not only more dull, more taciturn, than ever, but gloomy, moody, brooding as well.
  • correlated But, in fact, what the great circle is, is correlated with thought, and not with perception; and if we raise Kant's transcendental problem in reference not to perception but to thought, it cannot be solved in Kant's agnostic manner.
  • ulcerated The surprisingly large grocery bill had been paid, a few clothes bought, Daddy's ulcerated tooth pulled, and the Reo's patched tires replaced with better used ones.
  • uncorrelated It has been shown that the patterns are hereditary, and we have seen that they are uncorrelated with race or temperament or any other noticeable peculiarity, inasmuch as groups of very different classes are alike in their finger marks.
  • unrelated It does not come in like a group of unrelated rivulets fed by separate fountains; it comes like a tide, slowly or swiftly rising until it enfolds a wide reach of territory.
  • Accentuated The picturesque skyline of its long, straggling street is accentuated in the early morning or afterglow, when much undesirable detail of modern times below the tiled roofs is blurred and lost.
  • accelerates The second is that which is difficult and differs not much from the former, except that, besides those extraordinary pains, it is generally attended with some unhappy accident, which, by retarding the birth, causes the difficulty; but these difficulties being removed, it accelerates the birth, and hastens the delivery.

314 words made from the letters accerelated

3 letter words made from accerelated:

crt, ale, eta, lcd, ect, ara, eat, car, lac, ala, lat, eec, led, rad, let, ler, tar, lea, ada, ter, dat, ace, tee, ear, ade, etc, act, eel, dal, dle, ert, cat, cad, tad, rat, dre, dec, are, art, arc, aar, lad, ate, alt, ret, eld, tlc, tec, lee, ltd, aec, ecc, ted, cer, era, red, tea.

5 letter words made from accerelated:

adret, reate, laeta, caled, arale, retal, delee, etree, radle, craal, actel, leete, letea, eletr, alete, reald, delta, arede, leear, clade, eared, accra, erdal, leard, alder, areca, daele, cedar, ertel, leare, dacre, crace, crete, arled, adree, tarle, carte, dalet, alcea, lacer, recce, lecca, darat, reale, cater, deele, reede, alred, lacet, arcel, edcel, erede, artal, edale, dacca, daler, teera, arcee, detre, trace, crede, adale, crate, caere, cerae, alert, cleat, creal, celer, artel, cadet, ledee, trela, caaed, cadre, clere, acral, ercel, reada, aclac, alter, eldar, ledra, telae, ardee, deter, ralte, latae, arced, raadt, reaal, taler, eader, react, artec, elect, eater, creed, atler, lecce, alate, letra, ratal, laced, terce, ardea, elate, laedc, trece, alere, dalea, aldar, teaed, ratae, arcae, ladra, ratel, deere, calta, aceae, cecal, dacer, cedre, catla, datal, creel, tarea, leder, ertle, erect, reata, tadla, ratee, caret, acter, tacca, certa, deraa, teare, craca, creta, tarda, treed, recta, draal, acree, altar, edler, detar, claar, teele, eclat, clear, lader, later, talca, clert, trade, areal, cadle, cerat, redec, tread, carat, darle, acela, arete, drace, elder, ceral, areel, altra, crece, elara, decal, dalat, ceder, cadra.

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