Correct spelling for ACCERLERATES

We think the word accerlerates is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for accerlerates

  • accelerate It has elsewhere been shown how a communication across any part of this Isthmus, even by an ordinary road, can be made to extend, and to accelerate the mail communications between Great Britain and all the western coasts of America, and more especially with the most eastern parts of the eastern world, and her own rising empire in New Holland.
  • accelerated An increasingly accelerated progress has proved possible in scientific research and discovery; why not, then, in our practical dealings with ourselves and one another?
  • accelerator The instinct of antiquity perceived what observation and science declare: that the Bird is the agent of the grand universal transition, and of purification-the wholesome accelerator of the interchange of substances.
  • accelerates It is usually supposed that they are entirely absorbed by the roots, and no doubt the greater proportion is taken up in this way, but it is very probable that they may also be absorbed by the leaves, at least the addition of ammonia to the air in which plants are grown, materially accelerates vegetation.
  • accelerators To use Bromine Water or other Accelerators in Hot Weather.

428 words made from the letters accerlerates

5 letter words made from accerlerates:

easle, ratra, caste, tarar, alter, arras, lasta, aerts, terce, telae, esler, acres, elara, erect, leats, serra, retal, atlas, ceras, reals, clert, laser, ester, areel, carts, aelst, arcee, terse, reast, tease, actes, arsal, cater, cleat, carte, erste, arete, seret, alete, carat, arere, crate, aalst, areal, reste, sarla, steer, talcs, celts, sterr, estle, erler, tares, csere, ceral, crest, seare, arale, leres, leest, serre, laces, aclac, secta, ertle, altra, clase, raese, alcea, alere, leets, teras, racer, calta, lacer, caere, stela, creer, catla, cares, celer, crete, seale, alsea, cesta, selat, leste, alert, certa, aseel, selar, eater, react, steal, talca, rates, sarel, cecal, scale, latae, teera, esera, cerra, selee, saree, taels, atsea, leear, taesa, ratae, ascra, leser, acela, sarac, ratel, laers, ecast, lecca, artal, serer, astle, ratee, searl, etree, crear, claar, saler, sleet, tesla, letra, artel, scarl, tasar, accra, sacer, seaer, starr, crace, lease, clats, satre, acree, later, leare, scrae, eletr, alces, setal, reest, ercel, stael, caret, traer, ratas, craca, arcae, sater, stale, seeta, acter, reset, racas, stare, tarea, creel, sarre, trela, salet, teare, larsa, reaal, clere, astre, actel, staar, recta, recre, slate, reate, craal, stala, sacra, asrar, retes, aceae, staal, trese, stele, creal, teres, alers, talas, raree, steel, selce, lacet, salat, seral, strae, least, trece, aster, reale, reata, cease, altas, tarle, cerae, elate, seele, slart, reces, asare, altar, eclat, atler, easer, artra, areca, easel, creta, ertel, alate, serle, ralte, teals, cesca, acral, erase, rears, letea, trace, scarr, saare, sceat, recer, ratal, leete, tacca, tears, artec, seree, clast, seert, clear, tasca, taler, teele, scree, saale, elers, arcel, aeras, laeta, scare, cerat, crece, eales, recce, teers, esata, rasta, aseal, lecce, ceres, leers, esala, elect, raste.

3 letter words made from accerlerates:

crt, als, etc, ler, err, ara, eel, car, lat, ale, lee, ert, ras, sat, ret, res, sle, let, act, ter, ear, aas, tee, eec, aec, lac, ace, ese, cst, ecc, eta, cat, ate, set, sea, ect, eat, are, art, arc, aar, lea, asl, alt, see, esr, tlc, tea, rat, sac, ala, era, tec, cer, est, sec, tar.

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