Correct spelling for ACCLELERATE

We think the word acclelerate is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for acclelerate

  • accelerate Believing, as I firmly do, that the poet is destined to become extinct, I am not one of those who would accelerate his extinction.
  • accelerated Which fact made it the more difficult for him to settle down to a forced, albeit sharp walk as he approached the corner, when his gait suddenly accelerated once more.
  • accelerator Little recking what this order really meant, for its true inwardness was hidden at the moment from the ken of those far better versed than he in the tangle of events, Brodie changed gear and touched the accelerator, and the machine whirred past Admiral Farragut's statue at a pace which would have caused even doughty "Old Salamander" to blink with astonishment.
  • accelerates Walking provokes appetite, assists digestion, accelerates the circulation, brings the fluids to the skin, strengthens the memory, and gives cheerfulness to the mind, and in fatiguing the limbs gives repose to the senses and the brain.

349 words made from the letters acclelerate

3 letter words made from acclelerate:

cer, ala, are, lea, ear, tlc, let, ate, tee, ert, alt, ect, aar, eel, lac, lee, aec, eec, ara, car, ace, ell, ret, cat, crt, ale, rat, tea, era, ecc, tec, eta, act, tar, eat, ler, art, arc, ter, etc, all, lat.

4 letter words made from acclelerate:

5 letter words made from acclelerate:

acela, calla, ceral, etree, crall, reaal, alter, teare, elect, cater, alate, areal, arete, cleal, catla, atall, crate, reale, artel, eletr, cerae, leete, cleat, acree, caere, trela, laeta, tarle, carat, later, earll, creal, arale, aceae, letal, latae, cerat, ratae, craal, ertel, tarea, certa, ertle, talca, lecca, artec, calta, crace, caret, accra, teele, clert, clear, ellac, reate, llera, celer, recce, lecce, altar, taler, carll, talla, aclac, leale, acral, areca, lacet, telae, ratel, ellet, clere, eclat, arcee, alert, ercel, elate, leare, celal, leear, eater, acter, altra, ralte, reata, ratal, alcea, claar, carte, allar, lacer, alere, areel, creel, ecall, craca, cecal, crete, actel, teera, letea, alete, tacca, letra, erect, allee, arcae, ratee, talel, trace, retal, recta, elara, atler, creta, allat, terce, reell, telle, arcel, celle, react, artal, leral, crece, trece.

7 letter words made from acclelerate:

catcall, acerate, laetare, lacerte, laccate, reelect, treacle, carella, lacteal, cetacea, callace, ratelle, lateral, allerca, electra, caetera, areceae, cereale, lacerta, talacre, accrete, leclere, telecel, accreta, leclerc, arcella, cartell.

6 letter words made from acclelerate:

cartea, tralee, caller, trella, callar, allert, celtel, caract, lecale, alerta, lactea, claree, lealer, cartel, cercle, tarcel, tearce, taller, lecter, lacter, relace, cerate, telcel, recall, arcate, taleae, rallet, celera, raalte, carell, cleare, ecarte, cartee, carate, acerca, altrec, alerce, catera, tarlac, carlat, crelle, cetara, rectae, clarel, teller, cerata, lecrae, altera, acteal, leetle, caleca, altcar, alreet, latace, elater, create, caecal, ercall, treece, tallec, treacl, ellert, tellar, rectal, latere, cartac, retela, cellar, retell, cecere, relate, cetera, caleta, tarell, relata, aereal, acetal, tearle, erecta, aerate, callea, artale, etrace, lacera, altace, receat, tercel, tealer, claret, ceatec, cecala, cereal, cellae, calera.

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