What is the correct spelling for ACCLERATION?

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Correct spelling for ACCLERATION

We think the word accleration is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for accleration

  • acceleration In a moment acceleration plucked at them.
  • acclamation By acclamation it was then voted that all Paris should be joyfully illuminated, in celebration of the triumph of the people over those who would arrest the onward career of the Revolution; and every citizen of Paris well knew the doom which awaited him if brilliant lights were not burning at his windows.
  • acclimation Acclimatization or acclimatisation (also called acclimation or acclimatation) is the process in which an individual organism adjusts to a change in its environment (such as a change in altitude, temperature, humidity, photoperiod, or pH), allowing it to maintain performance across a range of environmental conditions.
  • accretion The first is the merging of stellar mass black holes and other compact objects by means of accretion.
  • acculturation If racial temperament-particularly when it gets itself embodied in institutions and in nationalities, that is, social groups based upon race-is so real and obdurate a thing that education can only enrich and develop it but not dispose of it, then we must be concerned to take account of it in all our schemes for promoting naturalization, assimilation, Americanization, Christianization, and acculturation generally.
  • coloration When it has cooled add a drop of iodin in potassium iodid, and if starch is present there will be a blue coloration.
  • declaration Hancock presently signed his name on the Declaration of Independence so large that King George could read it without his spectacles.

627 words made from the letters accleration

5 letter words made from accleration:

ancic, canai, earnt, acral, clean, corne, aorae, arlit, creil, coria, cinar, actio, intoe, alire, cance, arone, altra, coler, croat, antle, altai, aotea, cania, catla, ceral, ation, anier, caner, cenci, accra, alert, atole, ariot, enlit, ercan, arano, iacon, alora, aaron, claar, clico, colne, ailor, arcae, crena, aalen, canio, carat, canal, caril, artec, ictal, icoca, carni, atelo, carol, caion, cinta, corna, craon, coric, ciano, altri, areia, inter, coeca, arlon, canta, iater, accnt, cinoa, catli, actel, cante, alite, acero, ceron, ancol, carno, coire, cotai, coact, icaco, altar, cater, ciena, clein, arico, anile, enrol, clane, elrio, aitor, atora, accio, calta, aceto, cloer, arcot, anale, actia, coale, ileto, circe, clore, arial, craic, altro, coeli, cenac, intro, acorn, arcel, claro, conca, inara, arnal, crile, eolic, ceric, etail, crone, cerna, calci, conti, coner, centi, canot, alier, colca, alaei, inala, clert, clent, cecal, etian, conel, colie, atler, cinct, arale, cenco, clear, canor, alone, alate, artin, ctncl, ciona, coatl, caton, clier, altia, corte, crean, airan, corca, anole, erato, atina, colic, caito, alaie, citra, cione, arent, elara, ciclo, aarti, cocea, alero, acter, cairo, creta, crico, ertan, caire, aorta, arato, acone, cline, atone, corni, actin, calor, crace, clone, inlet, celan, circl, atire, clain, atrio, crati, cinto, acela, cirta, aline, conic, calot, coate, clito, caria, canet, einat, crane, ecton, antai, cacao, intra, artel, arena, cleto, coila, arani, cielo, elint, colac, erica, cerat, citro, corta, calan, areca, enlai, canto, artio, eiron, crine, elric, aiona, conta, incae, aiton, canoe, atlan, eatin, erion, celic, cnaic, eclat, acier, ictrn, aecia, craal, aeria, alien, canoa, cecin, ilaro, craca, arain, alcea, ancre, areal, ceroc, croce, cilan, atric, caeco, inert, aneto, acoel, coati, certa, eliot, inler, arcti, aneal, cinae, antic, altin, coile, etica, arine, atroa, enact, erlan, erian, calne, ianto, cilea, intar, atoni, croel, canol, cairn, crato, cicer, caroe, creal, circo, anoia, creon, anter, caret, entia, cnote, ceoil, elion, croci, eilot, carco, erlin, carte, atrai, alter, arati, elaio, crate, croal, certo, aloni, artal, coral, actor, creno, ciroc, cotan, cleat, ealor, coari, iatro, cerio, aclac, atlin, calia, areni, croan, cient, citor, alito, anari.

3 letter words made from accleration:

era, cer, ail, ton, aar, eon, tar, cro, ten, cat, tin, col, aec, rot, ala, ani, ect, etc, oat, oca, ore, ola, ira, air, otc, eta, ilo, ern, ter, ion, nit, ert, ron, car, tlc, one, rit, tie, act, eat, can, crt, ace, tri, art, tan, lit, cia, ire, rio, enl, lac, are, lot, let, not, iaa, roc, ane, lie, tai, ret, ate, rat, net, lin, roe, toe, lat, lea, oar, oil, con, icc, cli, arc, tao, ana, neo, cot, ant, ler, lei, lan, ear, ceo, alt, tic, nec, ain, oct, lao, ale, ara, rna, lir, nil, tor, ali, ecc, tia, cio, ent, ice, tea, leo, tec, nrc.

4 letter words made from accleration:

cron, ecct, nero, clit, alne, enol, cora, octa, inoa, coir, anio, aero, aare, arao, care, aeon, core, elan, cote, iton, coil, iten, leit, celt, lint, cane, noce, corn, airt, late, anal, loin, leto, elia, clan, lent, cent, earn, lert, liao, ltor, olic, lite, eoan, coin, coca, inec, alca, oeta, oena, lore, elio, line, neat, leti, oate, iran, nito, arca, inca, area, icao, cone, anil, noli, acre, cart, acer, colt, lena, erni, iler, aleo, lorn, once, ileo, laie, leao, eira, clio, anoa, etlo, lein, iaea, loen, noer, cant, cain, anar, aire, inle, alar, leni, cero, inlo, naor, oeil, lear, laan, itno, noir, near, nice, liro, lair, coat, loir, lien, onca, note, oral, lean, lace, cnlt, ertl, lran, iora, aril, clon, liet, earl, leon, ilet, anti, loti, laon, ecto, enic, lane, aloe, leio, nile, iron, narc, icon, aria, alto, arno, nori, coal, anle, aoli, lira, coln, nato, cali, liar, loei, lion, cole, ento, lota, cite, enlo, eral, areo, lone, cert, olie, laic, iota, ocal, coen, nail, lari, anol, olea, ante, acne, eorl, loan, oita, ilna, atar, ciao, clot, cran, lero, etna, noel, olai, larn, cola, lino, ical, atle.

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