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How to spell ACKES correctly?

If you accidentally misspelled "ackes", fret not! It seems like you actually intended to type "aches". A simple mistake! Double-check your spelling to avoid similar slip-ups. And remember, everyone is prone to typos every now and then, so no worries – we've all been there!

List of suggestions on how to spell ackes correctly

  • access I need to gain access to the building to retrieve my laptop.
  • ace She managed to ace the exam easily.
  • Aces He had a great hand and he knew he was holding all aces.
  • Aches After playing basketball for two hours, my body is filled with aches.
  • acme The acme of his career as a scientist was winning the Nobel Prize.
  • ACMES The ACMES conference is the largest conference on mobile computing.
  • acne I have acne and it's really tough to treat.
  • acre
  • acres The property is a whopping five acres.
  • acts She always acts impulsively.
  • ages How many ages are in this tunnel?
  • ALES I love trying different types of ales when I visit breweries.
  • Apes The apes are the evolutionary ancestors of humans.
  • Arches
  • ares Ares is the ancient Greek god of war.
  • askew She was looking at herself in the mirror askew.
  • asks She asks me for a favor.
  • awakes She awakes every morning at 6 o'clock.
  • awes
  • Axes
  • AYES We voted ayes on our new project.
  • backers The startup company has received significant financial support from its backers.
  • Backs The football team's defense has strong backs who protect their side of the field.
  • bakes
  • cakes My sister made cakes for our birthday party.
  • Cokes
  • Cues She kept giving him cues, but he wasn't catching on.
  • fakes The art museum was forced to remove several paintings from their collection when they were discovered to be fakes.
  • fawkes Fawkes was the name of the phoenix in the Harry Potter book series.
  • hackers Hackers are a growing concern as the world becomes more dependent on technology.
  • hacks I learned a few new hacks to speed up my workflow.
  • hakes
  • ices Ices were being put down on the walkway.
  • jacks He likes to play cards with a deck of jacks.
  • Lackeys He always has a lackeys around him to do his dirty work.
  • lacks The clothing lacks in style.
  • lakes It is fun to go swimming in the lakes.
  • makes The new software makes it easier to manage tasks efficiently.
  • packers The packers were very angry when they found out that the goods spoiled.
  • packs I'm going to need some new packs for my hiking trip.
  • racks She carefully placed all of the dishes on the racks in the dishwasher.
  • rakes
  • sacks The sacks of potatoes were too heavy for me to lift alone.
  • tackers My shoes are too tight, I need to get some tackers.
  • tacks
  • takes
  • wakes She wakes up at 6 AM every morning to go for a run.

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