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How to spell ACLAIMATIONS correctly?

The correct spelling for "aclaimations" is actually "acclamations". This term refers to enthusiastic praise or applause. If you're looking for possible correct suggestions, "acclamations" is the accurate spelling. Its appropriate usage can highlight the appreciation and admiration for someone or something deserving recognition.

List of suggestions on how to spell aclaimations correctly

  • acclamation The actor received thunderous acclamation from the audience for his outstanding performance.
  • acclimation It took some time for me to adjust to the tropical climate, but eventually, I experienced acclimation to the high temperatures and humidity.
  • activations The company has seen a significant increase in product activations over the past month.
  • animations The movie was filled with stunning visual effects and impressive animations.
  • claymation The characters in the movie were brought to life through the intricate process of claymation.
  • Claymation Claymation is a unique form of animation that involves sculpting models out of clay and photographing them frame by frame.
  • declamations She practiced her declamations for hours before the big poetry recital.
  • exclamations She expressed her excitement with loud exclamations of joy.
  • reclamations The company has received numerous reclamations from dissatisfied customers regarding the faulty products.

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