Correct spelling for ACORDIG

We think the word acordig is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for acordig

  • Accordion(Definition of accordion)
  • Quite a crowd surrounded the crinoline when we arrived, and in addition to the match-vendors already mentioned, there was now giuseppe mandolini, from leather lane, with an accordion and a monkey.

  • Accords
  • Masudi is one of the earliest arabic writers who gives us a description of the pearl-fisheries in the persian gulf, and it very much accords with benjamin's account.

  • Acidic(Definition of acidic)
  • For example, phenylboronic acid is produced from phenylmagnesium bromide and trimethyl borate followed by hydrolysis phmgbr + b(ome)3 → phb(ome)2 + meomgbr phb(ome)2 + h2o → phb(oh)2 + meoh another method is reaction of an arylsilane (rsir3) with boron tribromide (bbr3) in a transmetallation to rbbr2 followed by acidic hydrolysis.

  • Acadia(Definition of acadia)
  • There is on each strip, a little way back from the river, a picturesque cottage, usually thatched, not roofed by shingles, with its outbuildings close about, such as longfellow writes of in acadia-memories of homes "which the peasants of normandy built in the reign of the henries."

  • Accorded
  • He first felt of himself, passed his hand over his forehead, his body, his limbs: he certainly was in the flesh, and that to his awakening intelligence meant much, since it accorded with his belief that life and the body were inseparable.

  • Accord(Definition of accord)
  • I undertook in the beginning, when sir wilton gleed wanted to turn me out forcibly, to go of my own accord when i had built the church.

  • Actors
  • We have not distinction, as a people; matthew arnold noted that; and it is not our business to have it: when it is our business our swells will have it, just as our actors now have it, especially our actors of english birth.

  • Aortic(Definition of aortic)
  • Here, again, the interesting observation was made that no less than three-fourths of the number had a systolic aortic murmur, none of them a regurgitant aortic murmur, and nearly one-half of them an ill-developed mitral systolic murmur.

  • Cordage(Definition of cordage)
  • Boldly mounted on what was left of the bowsprit, to which he held on by means of some remaining cordage, this man looked down upon the terrible scene that was passing on the deck.

  • Cortege(Definition of cortege)
  • The slow cortege came down the path, martha being obliged, as the descent grew steeper, to fling herself back like a person in a tug-of-war, for mrs. marston gathered way as she went, and uttered little helpless cries.

  • Arctic(Definition of arctic)
  • The day came when he began to wonder dully how and why he found himself in a freezing cabin with doctor thomas, in fur cap and arctic overshoes, tending him.

  • According(Definition of according)
  • According to red shirt, one has to make an all-day ride in a wagonette to miyazaki, after he had left the vessel, and from miyazaki another all-day ride in a rikisha to nobeoka.

  • Arcadia(Definition of arcadia)
  • Hannibal was in great difficulties and straits in italy, and yet yielded a very unwilling obedience when summoned home to protect carthage, while alexander merely sneered at the news of the battle between agis and antipater, observing, "it appears, my friends, that while we have been conquering darius here, there has been a battle of mice in arcadia."

  • Cardiac(Definition of cardiac)
  • Her cardiac condition was first noted just after the first grip epidemic in this country, though her attention was not called to it during the course of the grip.

  • Acting(Definition of acting)
  • The correspondence consisted in a series of letters that passed between bolingbroke, through his secretary, and mr. james murray, acting on behalf of james stuart, from whom he afterwards received the title of earl of dunbar.

  • Actor(Definition of actor)
  • Washington recognized bernard as the actor whom he had "had the pleasure of seeing perform" in philadelphia during the previous winter, and after some pleasant chat an invitation to ride with him to mount vernon, only a mile distant, revealed to bernard the name of his companion.

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