Correct spelling for ACQUITION

We think the word acquition is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for acquition

  • accusation The first move is much in our favor, for the accusation made the King extremely angry, and the British Ambassador is in ill favor to-day.
  • acquiring Not but I sometimes find my conscience reproach me, for suffering such active talents as mine to lie concealed and unknown; being as they are capable of acquiring renown so high.
  • acquisition Well might the nation that had read the report of Sir Robert Peel's speech listen complacently when it heard in the following month, of the Queen's acquisition of a private property which should be all her own and her husband's, to do with, as they chose.
  • action Caroline's quick eye caught this action in an instant, and, turning to me suddenly, she cried quickly- "Ah!
  • actuation Only a few volts are needed for actuation, but the ionic flow implies a higher electrical power needed for actuation, and energy is needed to keep the actuator at a given position.
  • auction I have inherited no fortune either from my parents or any other relation; and yet the furniture of my house is worth a good two thousand five hundred ducats, and would fetch that sum it put up to auction at any moment.
  • audition The ampullary electrosensory systems of fish and amphibians are modified hair cell sensors with similarities to the lateral line system and audition.
  • caution For an instant she paused, with a new impulse of caution, to lock the door.
  • equation In mundane matters, where the personal equation dominates, their judgment is apt to be turbid and perverse; but as one rises into questions of pure intelligence, it becomes serenely impartial.
  • Acquitting The law-abiding citizens of Montreal at once responded to a proclamation of the mayor to assist him in the maintenance of peace, and the coroner's jury-one member being an Orangeman who had taken part in the funeral of the deceased-brought in a unanimous verdict, acquitting LaFontaine of all blame for the unfortunate incident that had occurred during the unlawful attack on his residence.

226 words made from the letters acquition

5 letter words made from acquition:

ticao, actin, ionia, quoin, atoni, caito, tinca, tanii, otani, intuc, caion, tauco, cantu, ician, coqui, toqui, niota, tiano, canto, otaci, nitai, aiton, canot, uniat, ionic, quito, tanui, tanco, nicot, tauon, ciano, count, quino, quoit, inuit, oquin, coqnu, caton, cinto, unoci, tincu, canio, cinoa, ontic, conta, cuito, nauti, cotan, acqui, cotai, toica, coati, tuina, tonic, quain, natiq, quint, utina, ocain, onuci, ciani, toqua, tonci, conti, incut, octan, cutan, noica, utian, ciona, canut, cioni, aiuti, uniti, ionut, iancu, cuota, aquin, utica, quota, untii, iacon, tinio, ianto, antic, actio, tunic, uinta, natio, ation, naito, tauno, tocai, autin, aiuto, cinta.

3 letter words made from acquition:

iou, cio, ain, ion, tau, unq, utc, ton, nit, icu, anu, tao, out, uni, oat, act, oct, oca, can, qat, nut, tan, cat, not, tia, tin, cut, uca, oui, tic, ant, otc, uta, tun, tai, tiu, con, ani, cia, cot.

4 letter words made from acquition:

cuan, coat, taou, inca, cuti, tuni, caiu, onca, ciao, taco, otic, cant, qian, quta, iino, cuon, naqt, quoi, cnut, taqi, tian, taon, icon, unco, inti, iiun, quia, toun, toci, quon, actq, itno, cinq, coin, iuni, tuoi, nuit, atun, nito, oita, tuno, utan, nicu, naqi, octa, itoi, atiq, tion, quoc, quin, cain, unit, tocq, touq, qiao, quit, iton, nato, anqi, unio, icao, inui, tuna, aoun, anti, iota, ainu, uaoc, tiao, nout, quai, nuoc, aqui, tuin, auto, unqi, uniq, cunt, coua, uict, nuta, aunt, inoa, utca, tuqi, noua, cuit, anio, iuno, unti.

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