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How to spell ACTLY correctly?

The correct spelling for "actly" is actually. People often misspell this word because they might hear it pronounced as "act-ly", without catching the "u" sound. To avoid making this mistake, it's helpful to remember the full spelling of the word and to practice saying it out loud.

List of suggestions on how to spell actly correctly

  • Acidly She spoke acidly to her ex-boyfriend when he tried to apologize for cheating on her.
  • ACLU The ACLU is a nonprofit organization that aims to defend the civil liberties of individuals.
  • act The school play was a success thanks to the impressive act put on by the lead actor.
  • Acted She acted in her first play when she was only five years old.
  • Acton
  • actor
  • acts The comedian's acts left the audience laughing all night.
  • acutely The pain was acutely piercing.
  • aptly She aptly chose the most suitable outfit for the business meeting.

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