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How to spell ACURS correctly?

If you meant to type "acurs" but it came out wrong, there are a couple of possible suggestions. One could be "acres", referring to a unit of land. Another option might be "across", indicating movement from one side to another. Double-check the context to determine the correct spelling.

List of suggestions on how to spell acurs correctly

  • Aces I have a feeling that this time I'll get all aces in my exam.
  • ACMES He did the project in his spare time, while attending the ACMES conference.
  • acorns The squirrels collected and buried acorns for the winter.
  • acre
  • acres
  • actors The actors were very excited to start the show.
  • acts
  • airs The politician put on airs to sound more educated than he was.
  • amours She loved her amours but they always ended in heartbreak.
  • aquas The aquas are refreshing.
  • augurs The way the clouds are forming augurs a storm.
  • Auras
  • cars The cars in the lot were old and rusted.
  • Cues The cues she had been given led her to believe that he would be there.
  • CURS
  • curse The curse of poverty affects millions of people around the world.
  • cuss I never cuss in public because it's impolite.
  • ECUS I'm going to the bank today to deposit my earnings in Ecus.
  • incurs
  • occurs A severe storm that occurs frequently in the summer months can cause power outages.
  • Ours The house across the street is nice, but we love ours more.
  • recurs The issue recurs every year, causing frustration for the company's employees.
  • scours The woman was determined to get rid of the dirt on her carpet, so she scours it thoroughly with a brush.

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