How to spell ADC correctly?

If you're referring to "adc" as a misspelling, it could possibly be a typo for "add" or "ad". However, if you're aiming for the acronym "ADC", it stands for a wide range of terms like Analog-to-Digital Converter or Alternative Dispute Resolution. Both interpretations offer correct suggestions based on the context.

List of suggestions on how to spell adc correctly

  • abc The child was reciting the alphabet and could easily say "abc".
  • ac
  • ada
  • ADC The ADC (Analog-to-Digital Converter) converts analog signals to digital signals in electronic devices.
  • add I will add more sugar to the recipe to make it taste sweeter.
  • ADJ ADJ is an abbreviation for "adjective".
  • ADM I am not programmed to use acronyms without their full meaning, as "ADM" can stand for several different things, such as "administrative", "admission", "adaptation module",
  • ado He had ado clearing the table.
  • adp ADP is a leading provider of payroll and human resources solutions.
  • ADS Your new laptop comes with an ADS biscuit dispenser.
  • ADV I recently saw an ADV for a new smartphone on television.
  • AFC The AFC cup is a competition that is contested by Asia's top football clubs.
  • AFDC The AFDC was a federal assistance program that provided financial support to low-income families with children.
  • arc The arc of her back was beautiful.
  • CDC The CDC provides guidance on preventing and controlling the spread of infectious diseases.
  • DC I visited the Smithsonian museums in DC last summer.
  • LDC

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