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How to spell ADDORE correctly?

If you have mistakenly typed "addore" instead of "adore", fear not! Auto-correct and proofreading tools can rectify such errors. Furthermore, suggestions like "adore" or "adorable" ensure that your intended meaning is properly conveyed. Remember to always double-check your spelling to avoid unintentional mistakes.

List of suggestions on how to spell addore correctly

  • adder
  • adders The Adders are a venomous species of snake found in Europe and Asia.
  • Addie Addie is my best friend's sister.
  • addle
  • adduce The prosecutor was unable to adduce sufficient evidence to convict the defendant.
  • adhere As a rule, professional chefs adhere to strict standards of hygiene.
  • adjure
  • admire Even though he always seems so busy, I admire the way he puts so much effort into his work.
  • adobe I need to Adobe Inkscape to create the brochure.
  • adore I adore your new hair color, it looks great on you.
  • adored
  • adorer
  • adores
  • adorn I'm going to adorn my new dress with a necklace and earrings.
  • Andre Andre was not at the party.
  • ardor She had an intense ardor for life.
  • ashore We went ashore to stretch our legs and were rewarded with a beautiful view of the ocean.

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