Correct spelling for ADOPOTION

We think the word adopotion is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for adopotion

  • Adoration(Definition of adoration)
  • From omai's account of this person, i expected to have seen some religious adoration paid to him.

  • Adopting
  • With this, thorndyke took his departure; and i, adopting his advice, drew my chair closer to the fire and filled my pipe.

  • Adoption(Definition of adoption)
  • The binjhwars, however, have been so successful as to cut themselves off almost completely from connection with the original tribe, owing to their adoption of another name.

  • Option(Definition of option)
  • For what we send abroad, we shall be repaid within a reasonable time following the close of hostilities, in similar materials, or, at our option, in other goods of many kinds, which they can produce and which we need.

  • Adaption
  • The birthday party (1931 film), a mickey mouse film the birthday party (play), a 1958 play by harold pinter the birthday party (film), a 1968 film adaption "the birthday party" (my name is earl), an episode of my name is earl "the birthday party" (dynasty), an episode of dynasty king coles birthday party or birthday party, a 1947-49 american tv series the birthday party (2004 film), an australian film of 2004 birthday party (birmingham, alabama tv series), an american local childrens television series birthday party (springfield, missouri tv series), an american local childrens television series

  • Adsorption(Definition of adsorption)
  • Scientists have used tetris blocks "as a proxy for molecules with a complex shape" and their "adsorption on a flat surface" for studying the thermodynamics of nanoparticles.

  • Adoptions
  • Australia classifies adoptions as local adoptions (placement within the country), and intercountry adoptions (adoption of children born overseas).

  • Apportion(Definition of apportion)
  • Following the local caucuses, county conventions, congressional district conventions, and the state convention, on may 17, 2008, were held to finally apportion delegates to the democratic national convention.

207 words made from the letters adopotion

4 letter words made from adopotion:

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3 letter words made from adopotion:

ido, atp, pad, pin, nod, dia, nip, don, pat, apt, pid, not, poa, tai, pot, poi, tin, pit, ain, top, iod, adp, too, nap, ani, pan, aid, oat, idp, ipo, oto, dot, doa, tia, tan, nad, ion, dip, dit, din, ado, pia, dna, dat, tap, ono, tpn, tod, pod, tad, ant, nit, ton, ida, opt, tao, tip.

5 letter words made from adopotion:

idant, atoni, oando, panti, danti, donot, pinot, ditan, niota, natio, piton, napoo, apito, opina, dioon, naito, pinto, donta, inapt, optio, adoni, aodin, daito, ontop, anido, tapon, ponti, otani, ponto, dotan, poona, paino, apion, paton, ootid, oopod, aiono, atnip, danto, topio, paoni, datin, paion, tipao, pinda, paint, pandi, tapin, potio, ianto, onoda, aiton, danio, todai, nooit, doina, adopt, piano, panto, tondi, tipon, point, doona, pondo, donop, tiano, tandi, iodan, patio, anoto, dapto, anoop, topia, ponda, ation, aidoo, toona, patni.