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How to spell ADUTS correctly?

If you've misspelled "aduts", don't worry! The correct word you're looking for is "adults". It's an easy mistake to make, but just remember to double-check your spelling before submitting any documents. Taking time to proofread ensures accurate and professional communication.

List of suggestions on how to spell aduts correctly

  • abets He abets his friend in committing the burglary.
  • abuts The backyard of my house abuts a large forest.
  • acts The magician performed a variety of impressive acts during his show, leaving the audience in awe.
  • adams
  • adapts The chameleon is an animal that adapts to its surroundings by changing its skin color.
  • ADAS
  • adds She always adds extra sugar to her coffee.
  • adepts The adepts of the martial arts trained for hours each day to perfect their skills.
  • adios " Adios amigos, I'll see you soon!
  • admits
  • adopts
  • ADS In the morning, I wake up and drink some coffee before starting my day with ads.
  • Adults I don't need Adults around here.
  • adzes The carpenter used adzes to shape the wooden beams for the house.
  • Aleuts Aleuts live in villages scattered across the Alaskan coast.
  • ALTS I often invest in ALTS, or alternative assets, rather than just stocks and bonds.
  • Ants In a colony of ants, the queen is the biggest and the strongest.
  • arts I love studying the arts and exploring all the different forms of human creativity.
  • ATS The new ATS software automates the hiring process and increases efficiency.
  • audits The company conducted regular audits to maintain its certitude.
  • aunts I have two aunts who live a few hundred miles away.
  • autos The top-selling autos in the United States are SUVs and trucks.
  • CADETS The cadets are training to be future officers.
  • DDTS In the game DDTS, two players try to knock each other out until only one is left.
  • dots I always wear my dots because they make me look cute.
  • duds I brought my cousins some new duds they desperately needed.
  • duets We always enjoy our duets performances.
  • edits I spent hours making edits to my essay before submitting it.
  • odets
  • OUTS The company recently announced that it will be laying off several outsourced workers or "outs".
  • touts The touts have been giving me a hard time since I moved to this city.
  • TUTS

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