Correct spelling for AETHESTIC

We think the word aethestic is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for aethestic

  • Arthritic(Definition of arthritic)
  • 6. a patient afflicted with arthritic rheumatism for four weeks, accompanied by copious perspiration, soon mended under the use of acid lactic 2 and was entirely cured within two weeks.

  • Autistic(Definition of autistic)
  • Bleuler derived the word "autism" from the ancient greek word αὐτός, meaning "self", and described it as psychopathological self-admiration, referring to "autistic withdrawal of the patient to his fantasies, against which any influence from outside becomes an intolerable disturbance".

  • Aesthetic(Definition of aesthetic)
  • 5. emphasis on the social elements in christianity to the aesthetic and mystical emphasis must be attached a social emphasis.

  • Athletic(Definition of athletic)
  • The height, athletic figure, and gait so impressed heywood as being those of christian, that, quickening his pace till he came up with the stranger, he said in a tone of voice only loud enough to be heard by him, 'fletcher christian!

  • Authentic(Definition of authentic)
  • Before enumerating other authentic examples of early tapestries it is well to speak of the reason for their being invariably associated with the church.

  • Artistic(Definition of artistic)
  • "it is intellect and artistic sensibility versus sensuousness," yawned lady thurwell.

  • Theistic(Definition of theistic)
  • In reference to the objection of evolutionists, that the origin of every new species, on the theistic doctrine, supposes a miracle, an intervention of the divine efficiency without the agency of second causes, principal dawson asks, what is the actual statement of the theory of creation as it may be held by a modern man of science?

  • Atheistic(Definition of atheistic)
  • The "leader" gives forth lewes's version of comte's philosophy; and the "glasgow mechanics' journal," a digest of his law of human progress, which is essentially atheistic.

413 words made from the letters aethestic

3 letter words made from aethestic:

etc, ate, est, ace, cat, ect, het, tit, act, ies, tet, eec, aec, cis, sac, tai, tec, sth, chi, ese, tia, cia, ash, tie, sic, ice, hie, tee, sit, eta, see, cst, tic, hat, thc, set, tsh, sec, tea, eat, sea, sat, sha, tat.

6 letter words made from aethestic:

chiesa, cheeta, tacets, ethias, eatche, teesta, chasee, seetha, chatte, sticht, sehcat, chaste, seiche, statie, etecsa, cishet, isthat, staite, cheats, taisce, taisch, stitch, etches, theist, ethics, etheic, shitte, tatsch, tastic, static, aceite, heaste, chatti, cheste, hestia, tesich, sceatt, cattie, sathit, sciath, teshie, tietac, sachet, isetta, schitt, hecate, catsit, tastee, stacte, sithee, chaise, thetic, taties, teaset, shatti, stache, heeact, itches, astete, thetas, estate, hatest, techie, attics, atthis, hattic, aceset, theics, taisec, scathe, sheeit, scheie, catete, tecate, chaiet, thetis, thetes, chitta, chetta, theise, schett, cettia, ethica, tithes, thatis, scaith, chiese, acetes, hittee, tiches.

4 letter words made from aethestic:

7 letter words made from aethestic:

chattis, hicatee, achiest, techies, atheise, thecate, catshit, tachist, casette, titches, tietacs, staithe, escheat, statice, aitches, teaches, teachie, eschati, cattish, catties, hicetas, eatches, atheist.

5 letter words made from aethestic:

hesat, teach, hatti, satit, tesch, setha, acies, steht, ittee, atete, citee, theia, cheat, sathi, chees, setia, esche, atish, satti, sateh, saite, stech, shett, thete, titch, athis, hasti, ethic, stach, etica, chase, ashti, ecast, iches, tateh, hiace, setai, thaci, sheet, tetes, taits, secta, tisch, tease, tiete, teich, atieh, icest, haise, tista, tsahi, teche, heats, ciste, attic, ieast, cetti, haste, tasci, setti, steet, sieth, aesch, cites, satie, sethe, etats, aisch, eathe, shtee, sahti, setta, aesti, shatt, cihat, steeh, sicha, chits, sehat, ishee, isthe, eches, eesti, setit, seita, thies, eiche, chats, sette, seach, heita, sicht, sitte, ishta, cesta, tasch, theta, shita, thats, eisha, cseti, theis, tcisa, tiste, chest, actes, tachi, eisch, seeta, sitae, eesah, casei, schea, atthe, cheta, satch, teeth, cheia, echis, thest, thiet, etche, etich, aesth, tithe, schat, estai, tices, seith, citta, chait, taite, caste, theat, teets, sceat, chiat, schie, sitha, cease, tacit, shati, chesa, teths, heist, theca, stati, siehe, haese, testa, sethi, stice, taihe, sathe, siete, ticha, theic, state, tetia, heise, eetch, sitch, cette, shite, sheat, steai, sitta, teesh, taste, haets.