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How to spell AF correctly?

If you frequently find yourself typing "af" instead of the intended word, here are a few possible suggestions to consider. "As" is a common option that fits in many contexts. Other alternatives include "of", "at" or "and". Proofreading your text can help you catch these misspellings and choose the correct word.

List of suggestions on how to spell af correctly

  • aa
  • ab
  • ac
  • AF "AF" is an internet slang for "As F***.
  • AFB The most well-known AFB is Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland in Texas.
  • AFC The AFC remains committed to promoting and developing football across Asia.
  • AFN The AFN is the official Radio and Television Network of the United States Armed Forces.
  • AFR The AFR (Air Fuel Ratio) of the vehicle's engine was too rich which caused it to stall frequently.
  • aft The captain was at the aft of the ship, steering it into the harbor.
  • ag
  • Ah I feel like ah ah ah ah.
  • ai The sun ai high in the sky.
  • ak The bird's nest was empty; the ak had flown away.
  • al Al was excited to start his new job.
  • AM
  • AP AP exams are a crucial part of the college admissions process for many students.
  • ar
  • as I am as tired as I have ever been.
  • at Johnny was at the store when I called.
  • au I would love to take a trip to Australia, or "AU" for short.
  • av
  • AW
  • az
  • CF
  • F
  • FF I'm going to have to finish this game before I can continue my ff book.
  • hf
  • If If you want to be successful in life, then you have to work hard.
  • NF It seems like NF-1 was discovered early on in the outbreak.
  • oaf During the party, all of the other kids were talking and laughing, but Oaf just sat there with a bored look on
  • Of I will arrive at the airport at the time of your flight's departure.
  • raf The Royal Air Force (RAF) serves the United Kingdom.
  • rf RF radiation is a dangerous form of energy.
  • SF I love reading science fiction novels, especially those set in SF.

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