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How to spell AFFER correctly?

If you mistakenly typed "affer" instead of "offer", fear not! Auto-correct may come to your rescue by suggesting the latter. Other plausible alternatives include "after", "afferent" or "afferent". While typos happen to the best of us, always double-check to ensure your intended word is conveyed accurately.

List of suggestions on how to spell affer correctly

  • afar From afar, the mountain range looked even more majestic.
  • affair The scandalous affair between two coworkers caused a major uproar in the office.
  • affirm The candidate paused before answering, took a deep breath, then firmly stated, "I affirm that I am the best person for the job.
  • afford
  • AFR
  • after After I finish this work, I will have some time to relax.
  • after-
  • Amer
  • aver I can aver that the statement made by my client was truthful.
  • buffer I applied a buffer to the edges of the table to prevent it from scratching the wall.
  • coffer The treasure was securely stored in a coffer.
  • daffier She was wearing a daffier red dress.
  • differ
  • duffer I don't want to play with Steve anymore, he's a duffer and always ruins the game.
  • Fer
  • Fifer I'm the Fifer on the team.
  • gaffe I accidentally said "gaffe" instead of "ginger".
  • gaffer The gaffer is responsible for the lighting of the set.
  • infer Don't infer that I am criticizing your work.
  • offer I'd like to offer my seat to you.
  • offers The pharmacy offers free samples.
  • puffer I'm not sure if I should bring the puffer or the snake.
  • Shaffer The Shaffer residence is quaint and beautiful.
  • suffer
  • wafer I had a delicious vanilla wafer cookie with my tea this afternoon.

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