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How to spell AFOUNCE correctly?

If you accidentally typed "AFOUNCE" but meant to write "OUNCE", you're not alone. We all make typos sometimes! A fitting suggestion would be to double-check your spelling before finalizing any texts or documents. Proofreading can save you from silly errors and ensure clear communication.

List of suggestions on how to spell AFOUNCE correctly

  • ANNOUNCE The teacher will announce the winner of the science fair during the assembly.
  • BOUNCE The basketball continued to bounce on the pavement until it came to a stop.
  • FLOUNCE She wore a dress with a flounce at the bottom.
  • JOUNCE The car's suspension caused it to jounce up and down on the bumpy road.
  • OUNCE Can you please measure out one ounce of sugar for me?
  • POUNCE The cat sat quietly, waiting to pounce on its unsuspecting prey.
  • TROUNCE The basketball team was able to trouce their opponents with a 20-point lead.

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