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How to spell AFOWL correctly?

If you've unintentionally spelled "afowl" instead of "aflame", worry not! Auto-correct can sometimes lead to peculiar errors. Here are some suitable alternative suggestions: "aflame", "afloat", "afoul" or "awful". Always double-check your spelling, and don't let small missteps deter you from writing eloquently!

List of suggestions on how to spell afowl correctly

  • afoul The ship ran afoul of a submerged rock and had to be towed to port.
  • AOL I haven't heard the name AOL in a long time.
  • avow I hereby avow that I will never lie again.
  • avowal She made an avowal that she would never again drink alcohol.
  • awl The cobbler used an awl to make the small holes in the leather for the stitching.
  • awol The soldier was declared AWOL after failing to report to duty for several days.
  • foal The mare gave birth to a beautiful foal, which would become a prized racehorse in the future.
  • foil I wrapped my sandwich in aluminum foil.
  • FOL
  • FOLL I am going to foll the cat.
  • fool He felt like a fool for forgetting his keys at home.
  • foul The athlete committed a foul during the game.
  • fowl I spotted a flock of fowl on my walk this morning.
  • owl The owl swooped down from the tree and silently glided over the field.
  • peafowl The peacock is one of theid species of peafowl.

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