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We think the word afue is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for afue

  • abbe He only resumed his wonted expression and manner, when he had seen the little Abbe-the squalid, half-starved representative of mighty barons of the olden time-seated at the highest place of the table by my mother's side.
  • ace The average holding of high cards is one Ace, one King, one Queen, and one Knave.
  • ache I cannot thank you for making my heart ache,-please go."
  • afar From afar, she heard from time to time the tidings from Rome.
  • afire The folks didn't know they was afire till a girl ran in and told 'em- -your Lisa it was,-and they didn't believe her at first; but it warn't a minute before the flames burst right through the plastering in half a dozen places to once.
  • afoul "'Pears like you must have run afoul of Ezekiel Hawkins," he said then.
  • afro He had read in the Morning Chronicle, a few days before, the obnoxious editorial quoted from the Afro-American Banner, and had noted the comment upon it by the white editor.
  • aft Lay aft, all hands!
  • after After that, it was up to Burlingame.
  • age Been an age, hasn't it?
  • ague As he raised it all present, including Ague, bowed and bent the knee.
  • aide "When we were marching back from Cedar Run," writes Major Hotchkiss, "and had passed Orange Court House on our way to Gordonsville, the general, who was riding in front of the staff, beckoned me to his aide.
  • ale He finished his glass of ale as she came in, and then passed out wishing them "Good-night."
  • aloe Here and there the slender stem of the aloe, rising from an armoury of spiked leaves, lifts its cone of white bells on high, or the deep orange pine-apple peeps out from a green belt of fleshy foliage, and breathes its bright fragrance around.
  • amur The Amur River is an important symbol of, and geopolitical factor in, Chinese–Russian relations.
  • ape He was attired in a fashionably cut evening suit, in which he tried to ape the gentleman, but his immaculate linen threw out his broad black face and hands into bold and hideous relief, and he looked like nothing but a monster.
  • aqua A powerful smell of aqua vitae and other kinds of strong waters now pervaded the atmosphere, mingled with that close sickly odor which is felt where great numbers of uncleanly human beings are closely packed together; and from some distance was heard the sounds of riotous merriment, ribald song, and hoarse, unfeeling laugh, with curses and execrations not a few. It was a time when the abominations of the prison system were at their height.
  • are What is it you think you are doing?
  • argue And in time he does not care to argue about it.
  • ashe Suddenly, memory brought before him the little picture of Ashe and Lady Kitty together-he bending over her, in his large, handsome geniality, and she looking up.
  • ate Mortimer, as usual, ate and drank heavily.
  • au The Duke had not, however, the means to pay this amount, and the English therefore continued to ravage the country, while a large force from Calais, under the Earl of Warwick, captured the town of Saumer-au-Bois and the Castle of Ruissault.
  • aug 091 8 Lachee-pia 15,262 Aug 42.0 41.6 0.4 .
  • auk But Anna declared that it must not be so. They had come out to hunt the Great Auk, and no meaner bird would they pursue that day.
  • awe An indescribable awe checked his steps, and he stood at a distance, while Kirkpatrick welcomed the chief, and introduced Lord Andrew Murray.
  • awful You're an awful good old sort, after all.
  • cafe Tortoni's cafe was thronged when Duplessis and Frederic Lemercier entered it: it was in vain to order breakfast; no table was vacant either within the rooms or under the awnings without.
  • fe The next year Gilpin returned by the way of Bent's Fort, thence down the Santa Fe Trail to his home.
  • fee Who could be interested in the fate of a murderer but the hangman who would gain his fee?
  • foe The victor is accustomed to eat the heart of his slain foe.
  • fur But he left them behine who works as well fur him when he aint to hum as when he is.
  • gaffe On August 12, 1996, Boyles first day of testimony before the inquiry, he mistakenly took the Bible in his left hand, when asked to place his right hand upon it; a gaffe noted by commissioner Peter Desbarats.
  • safe Yes; I should think you are pretty safe here.
  • Ave The Ave Maria Almanac for 1867.
  • Aye Aye, how could He permit it if it was not His will to permit it?
  • Fie Our affairs are fie-nancial, that is, our business is fie!
  • Abe Although he worked such long hours, Abe still found time to read.
  • Amie My Girlfriend's Boyfriend (1987 film), English title of French comedy LAmi de mon amie, directed by Éric Rohmer My Girlfriends Boyfriend (1998 film), American screwball comedy, directed by Kenneth Schapiro My Girlfriends Boyfriend (2010 film), American romantic comedy, directed by Daryn Tufts My Girlfriends Boyfriend, 2011 stand-up comedy special by Mike Birbiglia
  • Anne A delightful evening, cousin Anne; a delightful evening, Howard.
  • AF 2. Sangsamling for Norske Selskabskredse: udgiven af det Norske Studenter-samfund: Christiania, 1839.
  • AFC The American Football Conference (AFC) is one of the two conferences of the National Football League (NFL), the highest professional level of American football in the United States.
  • AFN It was activated temporarily during the Alaska Federation of Natives (AFN) 2006 convention to provide airport-to-hotel mass transit for delegates.
  • AFR These sensors are often called by different names such as continuous lambda sensors (lambda representing air-fuel ratio), AFR (air-fuel ratio sensors), LAF (lean air-fuel sensor) and wide-band O2 sensor.
  • AFB Early 1960 Air Force aerospace medicine led a worldwide revival in the use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy to treat a variety of life-threatening medical disorders with the first successful hyperbaric treatment at Langley AFB, Virginia of a pilot suffering from decompression sickness.
  • FAVE They refer to her as "our fave barmaid", making observations such as: "The drinks are on Trace this week – she had an actual line!

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