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How to spell AFUL correctly?

The misspelling "aful" could possibly be corrected by evaluating the context in which it was used. If it is meant to be "awful", the correct spelling could be used. If it is a name or a word in another language, further research may be necessary. Using tools such as spell check or dictionary apps may also help correct misspellings.

List of suggestions on how to spell aful correctly

  • abel
  • AF I can't believe he won the race by only an AF second.
  • afar She stared off into the horizon, her eyes fixated on a distant object afar.
  • AFB
  • AFC
  • AFN The AFN radio station broadcasts news and music to military personnel stationed overseas.
  • afoul The boat's propeller got entangled in the seaweed, and we went afoul.
  • AFR
  • afro She had an afro which she wore with pride.
  • aft The captain ordered the crew to move the cargo aft to balance the weight of the ship.
  • ail The constant cough and sneezing were beginning to ail her.
  • al
  • all All of the students turned in their homework on time.
  • annul The judge decided to annul the couple's marriage because it was based on fraudulent information.
  • AOL I am going to AOL.
  • ARAL I found a bottle of ARAL on the kitchen floor.
  • armful I carried an armful of blankets up to the attic.
  • artful She was an artful dodger of questions.
  • asl The airport shuttle is asl.
  • awful I had an awful experience at that store.
  • awl I need a sharp awl to pierce the tightly rolled dough.
  • awol He went AWOL after being given a day off.
  • earful "I received an earful from my boss for being late to the meeting.
  • EFL EFL students need to be well-prepared for theTOEFL.
  • elul Elul is the twelfth month in the Hebrew calendar, falling in late summer/early fall.
  • fl
  • FOL
  • foul The smell of foul air was overpowering.
  • fuel The engine needs fuel to run efficiently.
  • full I'm feeling pretty full after dinner.
  • furl Furl your brows to cool off.
  • jarful I filled up my car with groceries, but I only brought home a jarful of cookies.
  • lawful It is important to ensure that all actions taken by a government are lawful and do not infringe on the rights of its citizens.
  • NFL
  • UL UL is a trade association that represents the vending industry.

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