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How to spell AFYER correctly?

If you've accidentally typed "afyer" instead of "after", don't worry; here are some suggestions to help you correct the misspelling. Remember to use the correct spelling "after" to indicate time, order or following something. Stay mindful of such errors and simply ensure that "after" appears flawlessly in your writing.

List of suggestions on how to spell afyer correctly

  • afar I could see the mountains in the afar, but they seemed too far away to reach.
  • AFR
  • after After finishing her homework, she watched a movie with her family.
  • aver It is said that on average, Americans aver about six hours of sleep each night.
  • Aye As captain, he shouted " Aye, aye!" to acknowledge his crew's orders.
  • foyer I waited for my date in the foyer of the restaurant.
  • offer I'll offer to pick up some groceries for you on my way home.

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