Correct spelling for AG

We think the word ag is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for ag

  • aa 1. aa. But if one is, what will happen to the others-is not that also to be considered?
  • ab The ninth of Ab-the day of his Nativity-was again turned from a fast to a festival, the royal edict, promulgated throughout the world, quoting the exhortation of Zephaniah: "Sing and rejoice, O daughter of Zion; for lo I come, and I will dwell in the midst of thee, saith the Lord."
  • ac Marchauntz in the margyne Hadde manye yeres, 4500 Ac noon a poena et a culpa The pope nolde hem graunte, For thei holde noght hir hali-dayes As holy chirche techeth, And for thei swere by hir soule, And so God moste hem helpe, Ayein clene Conscience, Hir catel to selle.
  • ag be gin'ner la'bor er nav'i ga tor in dors'er rea'son er ded'i ca tor de sert'er li'bel er cal'cu la tor dis turb'er wag'on er spec'u la tor u surp'er con'quer or pros'e cu tor con duct'or for'eign er cul'ti va tor tor ment'or cus'tom er mul'ti pli er en chant'er mur'der er nu'mer a tor sup port'er gov'ern or gen'er a tor ag gress'or pen'sion er ra'di a tor
  • age Dr. Ewald died at Gipsy Hill, London, on August 9th, 1874, at the age of 73 years.
  • ago That was nearly a year ago.
  • ai Three days later Cui Ai make return unto College.
  • ak Tham vppa skepun wachton, skaton ak nei vs tha, thach that ne rojade nawet.
  • al Al felt defrauded, ill-treated.
  • ar But O noble Doctours, that worthy ar of name: Consyder our olde faders: note wel theyr diligence: Ensue ye theyr steppes: obtayne ye such fame, As they dyd lyuynge: and that by true Prudence.
  • as 98, as Agaricus johnsonianus.
  • at 17 Melrose, Cuthbert at, i.
  • au This bears S. from the western head of Isle au Haute.
  • aug Aug 5, 1876. " " 4 fresh eggs.
  • av "In troth I'm not so shure av that, Masther Terry," replied Bill.
  • ax Now my head is on the block, and the Puritan world is swinging the ax.
  • az [AZ] The difficulty here alluded to, was the numberless vaults the beaver had in the sides of the pond, and the immense thickness of the house in some parts.
  • bag "Only the bag I'm carrying," the detective replied.
  • dag Outi Mäenpää as Sirja, call girl Natacha Mutomb Dackén as Marinelle, call girl Magnus Krepper as Prime Minister Claes Ljungmark as Minister of Justice Dag Malmberg as Leader of the Opposition Mats Blomgren as the Social Worker Anna Bjelkerud as Office of the Secretary Kristoffer Joner as Sören Laurell-Wall Björn Andersson as Chief Prosecutor Rundgren Peter Carlberg as Deputy Prosecutor Wahl Rasmus Troedsson as Sörensson, attorney Lars Green as Kurt Nygren, head reconnaissance Klas Östergren as Sten Jenkert, Security Police Manager/east Boman Oscarsson as Nils Holm, Security Police Manager/admin.
  • ga J.B. Randall, jailor, Marietta, Cobb county, Ga.
  • gag He did not yell and struggle now as he did when the irons were first placed upon his wrists, for the fear of the gag had taken all that nonsense out of him.
  • hag So the dishes came back full-everything just ready to be served; for the cunning hag knew well that he dare not refuse her; and immediately afterwards the priest arrived to dinner.
  • hg Hypertension in cats is indicated with a systolic blood pressure greater than 150 mm Hg, with amlodipine the usual first-line treatment.
  • jag At the Minneapolis Orpheum a chap with a jag came weaving his way out from the auditorium and over to the box-office window.
  • lag Also, it grew evident that Sir Deakin's late agility was but a short and sudden triumph of will over body: for his poor crooked legs began to trail and lag sadly.
  • mag Afterwards, to each of the women who shook her hand, Kate said some such thing as this: "You know Mag Henderson here, don't you?
  • nag Nag was thinking to himself, and watching the least little movement in the grass behind Rikki-tikki.
  • rag Got your heirloom rag?"
  • sag She saw the slow loosening of the muscles of Noll's jaw; saw how his cheeks came to sag like jowls.
  • tag He could expect no character from Tag-rag; and when the 10th of August should have arrived, what was to become of him?
  • wag
  • Ah "Now he's got her-ah-oh-no!
  • G Mrs. G. And false, I trust it is.
  • AF Journal foer foersta aret af hans Tjenstgoering sasom Missionaire i Lappmarken.
  • AP One morning, over their half-finished breakfast, the Captain had read half a newspaper very complacently, when suddenly he started up in a frenzy, hurled over the breakfast table, and, bouncing from the apartment, knocked down Harry Ap Heather, who was coming in at the door to challenge his supposed rival to a boxing-match.
  • AW Aw, it ain't no use.
  • AM I am no controversialist.
  • AVG ships built to meet these needs were initially referred to as auxiliary aircraft escort vessels (AVG) in February 1942 and then auxiliary aircraft carrier (ACV) on 5 August 1942.
  • unamazing

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