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How to spell AGAING correctly?

The correct spelling for "againg" is "again". Possible suggestions for correcting this misspelling may include using spell-check, re-reading the sentence to identify and correct errors or referencing a dictionary to confirm the spelling of the word.

List of suggestions on how to spell againg correctly

  • acing She has been acing her exams all semester.
  • acting She was nervous about her first acting audition, but she did it anyway.
  • again I will have to do my laundry again because I spilled coffee on my shirt this morning.
  • aging
  • Aping No one knows where the aping came from, but it is a popular trend among millennials.
  • arguing The two students were arguing about who was the better soccer player.
  • asking The manager is asking for a report on the progress of the project.
  • Awaking She was awaking from her deep slumber when the alarm clock went off.
  • awing The sight of the Grand Canyon was absolutely awing.
  • axing The company is axing 500 jobs due to budget cuts.
  • bagging She was so efficient at bagging groceries that the line of customers moved quickly.
  • Caging The act of caging animals for entertainment purposes is unethical and inhumane.
  • Egging I can't believe he was egging me on to do something I knew was wrong.
  • Fagging I was Fagging for the entire game.
  • Gagging She was gagging on the smell of the garbage.
  • gain I hope to gain some insight from this experience.
  • going Beth is going to the store.
  • lagging The internet connection was lagging, causing the video to buffer frequently.
  • nagging I find his nagging to be very annoying.
  • Ogling He was ogling the beautiful woman at the bar all night.
  • paging The doctor was paging the nurse urgently to attend to the emergency patient.
  • Ragging Ragging is a form of bullying that has been banned in many educational institutions.
  • raging She was so angry that she was raging.
  • sagging The old mattress was sagging in the middle, causing discomfort while sleeping.
  • Tagging I am tagging along with my friends to the mall.
  • Wagging I'm happy to see that my dog is wagging its tail happily.
  • Waging The country has been waging war for several years now.

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