Correct spelling for AGAISN'T

We think the word agaisn't is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for agaisn't

  • Acquaint(Definition of acquaint)
  • Usually, the clerk communicated with him by signal-a floor button by which he could acquaint his master with much that he ought to know, and the visitor in the outer office would be none the wiser.

  • Against(Definition of Against)
  • She leant in silence against the mantelpiece.

  • Ageist
  • Many overcome these stereotypes and live the way they want, but it can be difficult to avoid deeply ingrained prejudice, especially if one has been exposed to ageist views in childhood or adolescence.

  • Egoist(Definition of egoist)
  • Sacred is everything which for the egoist is to be unapproachable, not to be touched, outside his power,-i.

  • Accent(Definition of accent)
  • Thurston had worked hard during these last years, he had immensely improved his accent, and his h's were all in their right places.

  • Agent(Definition of agent)
  • "why, it was that new press agent of shuman's, of course," says penrhyn.

  • Isn't
  • "perhaps he is, and perhaps he isn't.

  • Assent(Definition of assent)
  • He gave a reluctant assent to this.

  • Aghast(Definition of aghast)
  • Every one looked aghast, and no one dared to touch it; and when i wanted to show them how it was eaten in its native land they screamed with laughter.

  • Organist(Definition of organist)
  • But at last mr purkis had finished, sighed relief, dismissed the measured lady, with a promise very doubtful of fulfilment, taken off his glasses, and then turned to welcome his visitors, mr jared pellet, organist of his (mr purkis's) church, being a customer held by him in some reverence.

  • Argent(Definition of argent)
  • Baronets of nova scotia, unlike other baronets, do not use the baronets badge (of ulster), but have their own badge showing the coat of arms of nova scotia: argent, a saltire azure with an inescutcheon of the royal arms of scotland.

  • Ancient(Definition of ancient)
  • We will leave the ancient city asleep, and do our flight in the night to save time.

  • August(Definition of august)
  • On august first, 1914, we had only sixty-eight batteries.

175 words made from the letters agaisn't

3 letter words made from agaisn't:

'is, 'at, nig, tia, nag, gin, ain, gat, ani, iaa, n's, 'as, tan, tin, 'sa, aas, tag, 'in, ana, sat, aga, 'an, sin, tai, sit, a's, g's, iga, n't, t's, ant, gas, nit, ans, sag, i's, 'ai, 'nt.

4 letter words made from agaisn't:

asin, anas, asia, tian, sang, sita, gaia, 'ina, nits, sing, gnat, sign, ings, nast, gati, it's, asat, its', stag, tags, ting, inst, nasa, 'tis, n'ta, gaan, taia, snit, snag, gait, saga, sian, sana, 'san, gain, sant, gist, agni, isaa, 'sin, n'ts, naga, nags, anga, taig, gi's, tang, inga, anti, nagi.

5 letter words made from agaisn't:

gnats, angas, ignat, isaan, angst, isang, nisga, ansai, saint, nagai, satna, antas, ating, astin, sinag, taang, antai, ngata, taani, ngati, asian, tinga, agias, gatis, ganta, ngsit, tagai, satai, taiga, tinag, taian, tsagi, agita, t'ang, ginas, giant, tanas, atias, tsang, sinta, sting, nagas, siang, sanai, saina, gaita, tiaan, tangs, tsing, agins, asing, atina, ntags, santi, tsana, agasi, staig, insta, sigan, taigs, stain, satin, tings, sania, asagi, taing, giaan, atagi, aints, isn't, gnast, again, tangi, sangi, saiga, gaint, gia's, gaias, tiang, saing, naias, ganis, san'a, ainga, angat, sagat, tanga.