How to spell AGE18 correctly?

We think the word age18 is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell age18 correctly

  • ace A Queen and one other manifestly will not stop a suit, and a Queen and two others is not apt to do so unless the leader hold both Ace and King.
  • ag In Chapter XXXVI, "ag reat dispute" was changed to "a great dispute".
  • agar "It's surprising to me that Daylight should send his messages by a fox," Agar remarked.
  • age "Yes, that sort of answer tells me a good deal, but I think you are rather too knowing for your age.
  • aged Youth was in revolt against the aged and the dead.
  • ago Ay, so long ago-even at Hatchstead.
  • ague His old blustering, bullying, overbearing manner had completely deserted him; the fear of death was upon him; and he shivered like a man in an ague-fit.
  • ale In the afternoon we met at the office and sat till night, and then I to see my father who I found well, and took him to Standing's' to drink a cup of ale.
  • ape There was no ape there, but in one corner sat a dark-brown African girl.
  • are "O' course you are.
  • ate Again, with simplicity, she accepted, and there fell a silence between them while she ate, her eyes again upon the fire.
  • auger This manner of building is so simple that a house can be erected without any other instruments than an axe, an auger, and a large chisel; and the speed with which it is put up would surprise those whose notions of house-building are limited to stone edifices.
  • awe He stood in awe of the battalion commander, and knew well that when it came to a face to face encounter with him there could be no dodging.
  • axe One of them took the axe to break the ice with, while the other carried a vessel.
  • cage Kept, probably only as a precaution, in an iron cage, Bajazet attended the marches of his conqueror, and died on March 9, 1403. Two years later, Timour also passed away on the road to China.
  • eager Dick drew back and glanced at Arthur, whose face was as eager as his own.
  • gage General Gage is said to have had difficulty in reading it, but maybe that was because of its audacity.
  • ge GAIA or GE, in the Greek mythology the primeval goddess of the earth, the alma mater of living things, both in heaven and on earth, called subsequently Demeter, i. e. Gemeter, Earth-mother.
  • page At page 392, vol.
  • rage I groaned, twisting my fingers in helpless rage.
  • sage Honey and milk is very good for worms; so is strong salt water; likewise powdered sage and molasses taken freely.
  • wage The new situation was brought home to the brotherhoods in the course of several wage arbitration cases in which they figured.
  • Ave Come, let’s goo in and ave some breakfast.
  • Aye Aye, sahib,-in the dark!
  • Abe They always had a good time watching Abe during the class in "Manners."
  • Aggie "She's down stairs," explained Aggie.
  • ages It dazed him, and the rest was like a dream, in which he walked on and on for ages, falling and rising again, following something, he never knew what.

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