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How to spell AGNATION correctly?

If you've stumbled upon the misspelling "agnation", don't fret! The correct term you're seeking is "agnation". This term refers to a kinship system that only considers the male line of descent. So, next time you encounter the misspelling, remember to correct it to "agnation" for accurate usage in discussions about kinship and ancestry.

List of suggestions on how to spell agnation correctly

  • ablation During ablation therapy, a small probe is inserted through the skin and into the tumor to kill cancer cells with heat or cold.
  • aeration The process of aeration ensures that enough air reaches the roots of the plants.
  • agitation The agitation in the room was palpable as the two opposing sides debated.
  • agnatic Under agnatic succession, the throne would pass to the eldest male child.
  • aviation My dream job is in the aviation industry as a pilot.
  • carnation The little girl smiled happily as her father gave her a beautiful bouquet of carnations on her birthday.
  • damnation He believed that those who did not repent for their sins would face eternal damnation in hell.
  • donation The charity organization relies on donations to continue their work.
  • ignition The ignition of the rocket engine signaled the start of the space mission.
  • nation The United States is a nation that values liberty and justice for all.
  • pagination The pagination of the report was incorrect, resulting in several missing pages.
  • stagnation The company experienced a financial stagnation for several years, resulting in layoffs and budget cuts.
  • venation The venation of the leaves in a plant can help identify its species.
  • zonation The coastline zonation includes multiple habitats such as mudflats, salt marshes, and mangrove swamps.

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