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How to spell AGOVE correctly?

If you meant to spell "above", then some correct suggestions for the misspelling "agove" would be to replace the "g" with a "b" and add an "a" in front. Other possible options include "agrove" or "agove". However, these are not commonly used spellings for the word "above."

List of suggestions on how to spell agove correctly

  • above The sun is above my head.
  • agape The congregation was filled with agape as the pastor preached about forgiveness and love.
  • agate
  • agave The tequila was made from the agave plant.
  • age As people age, their physical abilities typically start to decline.
  • Aggie
  • agile The agile athlete effortlessly navigated through the obstacle course.
  • ago I saw her a week ago.
  • agog The spectators were agog as the acrobats performed their daring stunts.
  • agony The pain was so unbearable that it left him in complete agony.
  • agree After some negotiation, we were finally able to agree on the terms of the contract.
  • ague He was afflicted with a severe ague that left him shivering uncontrollably.
  • alcove She curled up in the alcove and finally found a moment of peace away from the chaos.
  • alive The moment the baby took its first breath, we knew it was alive.
  • Ave The choir sang " Ave Maria" during the funeral service.
  • Azov The Sea of Azov is the smallest sea within Europe, located between Ukraine and Russia.
  • cove The secluded cove was the perfect spot for our private picnic on the beach.
  • Gave She gave her dog a treat for behaving well.
  • give I will give you a hint.
  • GOV
  • Gyve The prisoner's wrists were bound tightly with a gyve.
  • jove

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