How to spell AHADE correctly?

We think the word ahade is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell ahade correctly

  • abate The storm began to abate as the winds calmed and the rain slowed.
  • abed I'm going to stay abed for a few more minutes.
  • abide I will abide by the rules and regulations set forth by the company.
  • abode My abode is a small apartment near the park.
  • ACED I aced my biology exam!
  • Ached After the long run, my legs ached terribly.
  • ada Ada Lovelace is considered as the world's first computer programmer.
  • adar
  • add I need to add more vegetables to my diet.
  • adder After eating an adder, Jane felt queasy and sick.
  • Addie Addie is my best friend's daughter.
  • ado There was much ado about the upcoming election.
  • agate An agate bead was strung on a leather thong.
  • aged I am feeling a bit aged tonight.
  • Aha When I finally found the missing puzzle piece, I exclaimed " Aha! I found it!
  • ahab The phrase "It is ahab that you are here" is a quote from the book, The Adventures of Huckleberry
  • ahead
  • Ahem Ahem, could you please speak up?
  • Ahmad
  • Ahmed Ahmed looks up at me with a hopeful smile.
  • aid She gave him an aid kit to help him fix his bike.
  • Aida I'm an Aida fan!
  • aide
  • Amado He loved her deeply and always called her Amado.
  • amide The functional group of amide is -CONH2.
  • anode
  • Aped The children aped the behavior they saw from their parents.
  • arcade
  • aside Her aside was cutting.
  • ate
  • awed As I entered the Grand Canyon, I was awed by its massive size and beauty.
  • evade The thief tried to evade the police, but he was eventually caught.
  • Had She had already finished her homework before dinner.
  • Hadar
  • haida The Haida people are a traditional northwest alliance culture.
  • hard He worked hard to improve his grades.
  • hardy This flower is hardy and will grow in most soil types.
  • harte Ginger, HARTE that was not funny.
  • hat The man put on his top hat before going to the opera.
  • hate I hate it when people interrupt me.
  • hater I'm not a hater, but I don't like her.
  • head I have a headache today due to the stress at work.
  • header I'm going to add a
    element to my page.
  • heady She was feeling heady from the wine she had been drinking.
  • Hid I was Hid in the closet for hours.
  • hide She tried to hide her tears from him.
  • Hider The game of hide-and-seek requires a good hider.
  • hod I'll see you at the hod party.
  • horde Our refrigerator is crammed with food, and I'm always feeling like I'm in a horde.
  • hud I saw a dog hucking a rock.
  • Hyde The Hyde Park District is a well-maintained area with a lot of historical significance.
  • ode A song of beauty and melancholy, the ode is a venerable form of literature.
  • shade I was under the shade of the tree for hours.

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  • brother
  • brothers
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