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How to spell AIDDING correctly?

If you're looking for correct suggestions for the misspelling "aidding", you may consider "adding" as a likely word. Other possibilities could include "aiding", "abiding" or "amid". Always verify the correct spelling using a reliable dictionary or online resource to avoid confusion or errors in your writing.

List of suggestions on how to spell aidding correctly

  • abiding As a law-abiding citizen, he always made sure to follow the rules of society.
  • Adding
  • Addling The persistent heat was addling my brain and making me feel lightheaded.
  • Aiding The new software is aiding the company in managing its finances more efficiently.
  • ailing My grandmother is ailing, so we try to visit her as often as we can.
  • Aiming " Aiming at the target, the archer drew back his bowstring and released the arrow with precision.
  • airing The airing of that episode is scheduled for next Tuesday.
  • bedding I need to buy new bedding for my queen-sized bed.
  • bidding The company is currently bidding on a new project for a major client.
  • Biding
  • Birding
  • budding The budding entrepreneur had many innovative ideas for her start-up company.
  • Codding
  • Gadding She goes gadding about town every day.
  • Girding She was girding herself up for the upcoming challenges she knew would come her way.
  • hiding
  • idling The car was idling at the stoplight.
  • Kidding I promise I'm not kidding; I actually won the lottery last night!
  • Madding The bustling and loud city was a madding environment for the introverted individual.
  • nodding The sleepy child was nodding off during the boring lecture.
  • padding She put some extra padding in her running shoes to make them more comfortable.
  • Podding I decided to podding up and head out.
  • pudding
  • raiding The police swooped down on the building, raiding it for illegal drugs.
  • Ridding Ridding my room of clutter made me feel more productive and organized.
  • riding
  • siding
  • sodding I'm going to take a goddamn sodding shit.
  • Tiding The tiding of his victory spread quickly throughout the town.
  • wadding I need some wadding for my cushion.
  • wedding Emily and Alex's wedding was beautiful.

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