Correct spelling for AIREATE

We think the word aireate is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for aireate

  • abate "Oh, yes," she agreed in a tone which did nothing to abate his curiosity.
  • abrade When the reef has risen to wave base, the waves abrade it on the windward side and pile to leeward coral blocks torn from their foundation, filling the interstices with finer fragments.
  • aerate He smiled, and I went forward to where Mr Preddle was making himself very hot by using the bellows to aerate the water.
  • aerated He dwells in cool contentment here in his aerated bath, but he has not thus put himself to soak as the end and aim of his existence.
  • aerator On a dairy farm, there is the water needed to wash cans and bottles and in some cases to furnish a running stream of cold water for the aerator.
  • agate Syria is thy merchant, because of the number of the wares of thy skill; they make thy fairs with emeralds, purple, and broidered work, and fine linen, and coral, and agate.
  • aigrette Dora set out from home equipped for walking in a white Empire coat with a deep ermine collar, a granny muff to match, and a little white hat with a tall aigrette.
  • aired Her doing so was out of keeping with the leading idea of the performance, presenting the Paynim as an obliging race; but a meek and suffering one, though it never aired its grievances.
  • airedale That case where you fined me five pounds over an Airedale what tried to gobble up a tally-man.
  • area The area of this Winter Fishing Ground is about 1,100 square miles.
  • areal For computer storage comparisons, see Areal density (computer storage).
  • aright Mystic builders in the brain- Mirth and sorrow, joy and pain, Grief and gladness, gloom and light- Build, oh, build my heart aright!
  • arrest On his return he was placed under arrest.
  • arrogate Europe has often been accustomed to watch with anxiety the rise of some potent arbiter of her destinies who seems to arrogate to himself a large personal dominion.
  • berate
  • crate
  • create
  • crete
  • emirate
  • erato
  • grate
  • great
  • greater
  • irate
  • iterate
  • karate
  • laureate
  • narrate
  • operate
  • orate
  • pirate
  • prate
  • rate
  • treat
  • ureter
  • variate
  • Areas "We handle just about everything lunar-except in the Tovie areas.
  • airhead For other uses, see Airhead (disambiguation).
  • Irene
  • aerates This aerates and loosens the subsoil, and thus effects the combined objects of increasing the fertility of the land, of retaining moisture for the crops, and, to a certain extent, of allowing any excess of moisture to percolate away.
  • overate
  • aren't "Well, you're going there to-night, aren't you?

87 words made from the letters aireate

3 letter words made from aireate:

ert, air, tar, art, eta, aar, ate, tie, tee, are, ear, ara, era, ira, tea, eat, ret, tai, rat, tri, rit, tia, iaa, ire, ter.

4 letter words made from aireate:

5 letter words made from aireate:

irate, aerie, retia, raeti, atire, reata, raite, aeria, tiara, raita, eteri, arati, iater, ratee, itera, tiree, teare, ratae, reate, eater, riata, teria, tarea, atrai, teera, arete, areia, retie, taira, terai, aarti.

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