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How to spell AISED correctly?

If you've accidentally typed "aised" instead of the correct spelling, "raised", fear not, as we offer some suggestions to rectify the error. Possible correct spellings could be "praised", "braised" or "appraised". Always proofread your work to ensure accuracy and avoid any confusion.

List of suggestions on how to spell aised correctly

  • Abased The boss constantly abased his employees, causing them to lose confidence in themselves.
  • abused He reported the allegations of being sexually abused by his stepfather to the authorities.
  • ACED I aced my math exam yesterday by answering all the questions correctly.
  • aid The Red Cross has provided aid and shelter to the victims of the natural disaster.
  • aide The president's chief of staff appointed his most trusted aide to assist with the crucial negotiations.
  • aided The new technology aided in the production process and increased efficiency.
  • aides The president's aides wrote a draft of his speech to be delivered to the nation.
  • Ailed He was ailed by poverty.
  • Aimed He aimed his arrow directly at the bullseye of the target.
  • aired The new episode of the show was aired last night.
  • Ais I Ais your lover not your dog.
  • aisle Exit the store via the aisle.
  • amused The children were very amused by the funny clown at the birthday party.
  • aniseed The medicine had a bitter taste which was caused by the aniseed flavor.
  • arced The metal arced over the cyclist's head.
  • Asked I asked him if he wanted to join me for lunch.
  • Assad Assad has been in power in Syria since 2000.
  • asset Real estate can be a valuable asset in one's investment portfolio.
  • axed
  • based
  • biased She is so biased towards her favorite candidate that she refuses to listen to anyone else's opinions.
  • cased
  • eased She eased her way through the crowd.
  • iced I like my coffee iced, even in the wintertime.
  • liaised The doctor liaised with the patient's family to help them understand the situation.
  • OISE The University of Toronto's OISE building is home to the prestigious Ontario Institute for Studies in Education.
  • raised She was raised in the hills of Scotland.
  • used I used to live in that house.
  • wised She wised up after losing all her money gambling.

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