Correct spelling for AK

We think the word ak is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for ak

  • aa aa. Leaves 2 in a cluster; cones less than 4 inches long.
  • ab Affirmantibus deinde arbitris, utrunque hostem ab eius filio consumptum, nimietate gaudii uultum fletu soluit.
  • ac Officii non vitamus laborem, appetimus dignitatem; immundorum spirituum feras a grege dilacerando non pellimus; et quod eis remanserat, ipsi consumimus: quando peccantes divites vel potentes non solum non arguimus, sed etiam veneramur; ne nobis aut munera solita offensi non dirigant, aut obsequia desiderata subducant: ac sic muneribus eorum et obsequiis capti, immo per haec illis addicti, loqui eis de peccato suo aut de futuro judicio formidamus; ad hoc tantum potentes effecti, ut nobis in subjectos dominationem tyrannicam vindicemus; non ut afflictos contra violentiam potentum qui in eos ferarum more saeviunt, defendamus.
  • ag They used few colours in this edifice, says Ag, otherwise I could have produced something surprising.
  • ai Yet again Cui Ai arise and speak Essay on Charity, this time in English.
  • ak Ak mei sin jongste svn that erva.
  • al An olde quean that hath ben nought al hyr dayes.
  • an I had an idea.
  • ar Here ar Bacbyters whiche goode lyuers dyffame.
  • ark Paston, Sir Kenelme Digby, and Sir Frederick Cornwallis, "so well known to the Nation for their admired Hospitalities," and generally to "the race Of those that for the Gusto stand, Whose tables a whole Ark command Of Nature's plentie."
  • as Yes, as girls go.
  • ask That's all I ask, sir!
  • at 77 Exeter, northmen at, i.
  • au With camp-craft, with its cunning devices, he is au fait.
  • auk Auk, 18, pp. 165-167.
  • av He's bald-headed, me boy, and crooked-faytured, to-day; but I knew him for Jemmy in the first kick av surprise.
  • ax She didna ax nor hope neyther; an' when theer coom fresh hurt to her she wur ready an' waiting knowin' as it moight comn ony day.
  • az "The best condishun in life iz not to be so ritch az tew be envyed, nor so poor az to be damned.
  • bk Bk United States brig on Lake Erie, 178; surrendered to British, 256; name changed to Detroit, 274; captured by Americans at Fort Erie, 289; burnt, 290. Bib.
  • oak The heavy oak began to give.
  • uk United Arab Emirates: Japan 9%, US 8%, UK 8%, Italy 6%, Germany, South Korea (1999)
  • yak
  • Ah Ah-that is the question!
  • K "O. K., Tom," he whispered.
  • AF Observe what takes place when the sled is steered to the left: The distance AE decreases much more rapidly than AF, and when the crossed ropes have lost all their power, the uncrossed ropes are still useful.
  • CK This being clearly excessive, let us next see what will occur if the lever arm, CH, be reduced as in the diagram to CK. The edge of the cut-off valve will then be at N; it instantly begins to close the port.
  • AP Tudor, I continued, getting between the stranger and the door of the inn, through which he appeared to be desirous of passing, was of the same blood as Owen Glendower, the famous chieftain, who is by no means to be confused with Owen Gwynedd, the father of Madoc of the Sea, of whom the bard made the famous cnylyn, which runs in the Welsh as follows:- I was about to repeat the famous stanza of Dafydd-ap-Gwilyn when the man, who had looked very fixedly and strangely at me as I spoke, pushed past me and entered the inn.
  • AW Aw, to think, to think!
  • MK To every one who has, shall be given, that he may abound, and from him who has not, shall even what he has be taken away (Mt 13:12; 25:29; Mk 4:25; Lu 8:18; 19:26).
  • AM How sorry I am for her!
  • SK (6) M :xk = T[r(k+1) - rk], M :yk = T[s(k+1) - sk];
  • WK
  • GK Gk. +pandora+, an epithet applied to the earth as the giver of all.
  • unamazing

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