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How to spell ALEN correctly?

The misspelling "alen" may refer to several different words, including "alien", "Allen" or "Alan". To determine the correct spelling, context is important. If the word refers to a person's name, "Allen" or "Alan" are likely correct. If the meaning refers to extraterrestrial beings, then "alien" is the correct spelling.

List of suggestions on how to spell alen correctly

  • aden
  • Alan
  • Alden Alden is my little nephew who loves to play with trains.
  • ale I enjoyed a cold ale with my friends at the pub.
  • Alec Alec is studying hard to become a doctor.
  • ALES I ordered three different ales at the brewery.
  • Alex Alex is a talented musician who plays the guitar.
  • alien
  • allen Allen got lost in the forest during the camping trip.
  • amen After the pastor finished his prayers, the congregation responded with a resounding "amen".
  • galen
  • glen The glen was filled with wildflowers and birdsong.
  • Len Len decided to quit his job and pursue his dream of becoming a writer.
  • Olen

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