Correct spelling for ALIASED

We think the word aliased is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for aliased

  • alas Alas, said Palamides, for ever am I ashamed.
  • alias So most women, when travelling, adopt an alias.
  • allied Often these reports are interesting; sometimes they are of importance, and in either case the newspaper not allied with a press association must miss them.
  • eased He had eased his conscience to every question right out, and he rejoiced to me at the immense relief it gave him.
  • elapsed Never more than an hour, often less, elapsed without one or other going by.
  • iliad I had made a present of a copy of the " Iliad" to the learned Marquis d'Argens; to his daughter, who was also a good scholar, I gave a Latin tragedy.
  • laced Snow-white had no suspicion, but stood before her, and let herself be laced with the new laces.
  • leased In 1912 the Company leased from the Canadian Pacific Railway a terminal elevator at Fort William, capacity 2,500,000 bushels.
  • palisade This dangerous entrance to the little bay bears obliquely to the right with a serpentine movement, and there encounters a mountain rising some twenty-five hundred feet above sea-level, the base of which is a vertical palisade of solid rock more than a mile and a half long, the inflexible granite nowhere yielding to clefts or undulations until it reaches a height of two hundred feet above the water.
  • pleased She would be so pleased,-my, my, how please She would be!
  • Abased
  • Ailed
  • Aliases
  • Allayed
  • Lazed
  • Elias
  • Alice
  • Alisa
  • Elise
  • liaised
  • aliened

156 words made from the letters aliased

3 letter words made from aliased:

das, ade, ies, dia, ale, iaa, dis, ada, sea, die, asl, aid, dal, eld, des, sle, lid, dle, ida, als, lea, sad, lei, ali, lie, ala, ail, lad, led, lsd, aas.

5 letter words made from aliased:

deils, alesi, saied, slide, diala, sedai, saale, aisle, eilds, salda, aedas, leads, dasia, adale, idaea, salai, diles, slied, adeli, asiad, aside, ladas, idles, asadi, dalea, asida, alids, slaad, deals, alias, alide, alaei, sield, silda, sedia, saaed, desai, aides, daise, salie, dales, sidel, saeid, seidl, aseal, salad, seida, alsea, ailes, diels, delai, laida, laids, salei, sidle, slaid, delas, lades, dials, adasi, esala, siled, ideal, saedi, saida, aldie, adisa, laide, isled, salia, sidea, eliad, dalei, alaie, sadli.

4 letter words made from aliased:

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