Correct spelling for ALLEAGATION

We think the word alleagation is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for alleagation

  • Allegation
  • Some chroniclers of the fourteenth century say that philip the handsome was particularly munificent and lavish towards his family and his servants; but it is difficult to meet with any precise proof of this allegation, and we must impute the financial difficulties of philip the hand-some to his natural greed, and to the secret expenses entailed upon him by his policy of dissimulation and hatred, rather than to his lavish generosity.

  • Alienation
  • It is not too much to say that the profound enmity of the gentile nations to each other was grounded in the variety of their gods; and in this instance religion, which in its purity is the bond of human society, had become a main cause of alienation between the members of the race.

  • Allegations
  • With, jorian admitted, a real courtly dignity, he stood up and proposed to lead the way to any neighbouring cabinet to show the spots on his person; living witnesses to the truth of his allegations, he declared them to be.

  • Relegation
  • Main article: 1983 davis cup world group draw first round losers play in world group relegation play-off.

  • Delegation
  • The strongest of them was that the pennsylvania delegation in congress was well disciplined and could be used with peculiar advantage for purposes of "pressure."

  • Altercation
  • Startled, he was in the act of repeating it himself, when loud voices in violent altercation among the sentinels disturbed the stillness of the night.

  • Legation
  • He's now secretary of legation at constantinople, and i hope does honor to your teaching.

  • Allocation
  • For a more accessible and less technical introduction to this topic, see file allocation table.

  • Alleviation
  • At least confide your grief to me; that is an alleviation.

631 words made from the letters alleagation

5 letter words made from alleagation:

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goti, itno, inge, oell, elan, gona, tael, goit, gaea, anle, geto, gait, gale, leao, itll, till, lean, ogan, gall, giel, loin, liao, anol, laon, igoe, lgot, laga, enlo, allt, anil, laan, gala, tone, gnel, ogae, taal, lago, aeon, liel, noel, legi, toea, laie, lein, loti, lilo, onge, late, lien, gaol, olai, lion, glen, teli, gati, tall, lnge, etlo, engi, egli, lagi, aoli, aleo, gael, gilo, etna, gate, gnat, oeil, gill, leil, ogle, iong, gent, ileo, tine, lint, ling, loge, lone, toge, nito, anoa, iota, llao, goat, nile, nato, inle, gilt, agal, olea, ento, gaia, alga, tiao, ogea, taig, lino, toal, elia, lane, leon, gone, ngoi, gelt, ilet, gell, ogin, lent, iaea, leal, igon, gaal, enol, goal, anio, nega, lail, eang, tiel, line, anga, oita, tail, egoi, tell, gien, neat, inlo, taei, anal, eoan, atle, tang, naga, oeta, gaen, ogie, oate, gaio, nego, gion, noli, togi, ngae, nail, loga, gaon, olie, gato, anti, nagi, agni, loan, toll, leit, alne, ilgo, oena, inoa, ting, olig, lota, leto, igel, aloe, liol, geta, alto, toga, lena, iten, tala, olla, igno, gean, tion, taia, agno, tale, gaan, gnal, liet, loei, ilna, elio, nagl, taon, lega, goil, lilt, lite, toei, loen, note, togl, long, tile, iago, goan, tean, lelo, tian, agio, toil, leio, inga, gole, elli, teal, egna, nige, ante, glan, nget, egin, gain, gila, glia, gelo, iton, leti, leni.

3 letter words made from alleagation:

gin, ane, enl, tie, lit, one, iaa, leo, net, goa, ent, neo, nig, lin, ali, ani, ton, tag, lot, eon, ola, nog, ala, all, tea, log, tin, ant, lag, oat, nag, ill, alt, ain, let, nit, lei, lie, gat, age, toe, ilo, oil, get, eat, ail, lao, ten, tao, ego, tan, not, eta, lat, gal, ige, ana, ate, lan, tia, gel, lea, ago, nil, ale, leg, aga, ell, tog, ion, teg, gen, tai, iga.