What is the correct spelling for ALLEE?

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Correct spelling for ALLEE

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Possible correct spellings for allee

  • able It said: "I do not expect to be able to come back.
  • ail The whole world is sick of that very ail, of being seen, and of seemliness.
  • al Only, because women had troubled the days of Al-Mansor and Haroun, no woman was admitted.
  • ala " Ala, let me go and I will return soon," he said again.
  • albee It must not be supposed that Lydia had become so saintly that she had forgotten her knowledge of men. She knew now that if she were cordial to Albee she could not depend on his doing what she wanted.
  • ale When we first set eyes upon him the man was leaning back against the wall of the ale-house, looking defiantly at John Broad, the constable, who stood by him, and at Geoffrey Scales, the landlord, who stood behind Broad.
  • ali They had ventured to defy the rising star of Ali, and all that force or treachery could accomplish was inflicted upon them.
  • all 12,853. Have you dealings with all the fishermen in your neighbourhood on the Simbister estate?
  • allah Allah Akbar, the camels!
  • allay Well, to allay my horrid suspicion, I went and had another peep through the lighted venetians.
  • allege "And as my honor is more dear to me than life, and as I am attacked in a part so sensible, it is also for this reason, and in consideration of that, which I owe to myself even, and to the relations, which I have as well with this State and to your High Mightinesses, as to those which I still have with his Imperial and Royal Majesty, to which otherwise I should be too much wanting, that I see myself obliged to address myself to your High Mightinesses, and by them to all the confederates, to supplicate them respectfully, and to insist in the most express manner, that your High Mightinesses would deign, after the most severe and scrupulous examination, to take such measures in protecting efficaciously the character, which your High Mightinesses have confided to me, that I may be justified in a proper manner from the blame, that the abovementioned proceeding hath cast upon me, and that so sensible an affront as hath been offered me by it, may be suitably repaired; that to this end it may please your High Mightinesses to direct things in such a manner, that the four reigning Burgomasters of Amsterdam, who have caused to be delivered in their name the said Memorial, according to the letter of Burgomaster Rendorp, be obliged, as well as the Pensionary Vischer, to allege the reasons they have had of injuring me so grievously as they have done by the said proceeding, and by the accusation, therein contained, and to verify the whole in a suitable manner, which I cannot but consider all that, which is there said as calumnies, and that they may be obliged, moreover, to specify more precisely the other heads of accusation, that they pretend to allege to my charge, and to bring the requisite judiciary proofs of them; and in case that they can specify nothing, or that they cannot prove sufficiently their allegations, that the authors of the infamous reports circulated against me may be sought out, to the end, that they may be punished as calumniators, according to their deserts; finally, that your High Mightinesses will then, conjointly with all the confederates, take such justificatory resolutions, as will save my honor and my reputation in the nation, and in the eyes of all Europe; that thus I may be placed in a situation to support with proper dignity the character, which your High Mightinesses have given me, and that I may obtain the satisfaction, that your High Mightinesses, according to their profound wisdom and known equity, shall judge equivalent to the affront offered to my character and my relations.
  • allele A pseudodeficiency allele may indicate a deficiency of the enzyme assay method, or it may reflect incomplete understanding of the enzymes activity.
  • allen This Allen House was one of the notable places in our town; and the stories in circulation touching the Allen family, now almost extinct, were so strongly tinctured with romance, that sober-minded people generally received them with a large measure of incredulity.
  • alley An alley in the shadow of Bartholomew's Hospital brought him to a certain house: just as he was about to knock at the door it opened, and Jack Bartley appeared on the threshold.
  • allied That she had true genius, allied with fine strength of intellect and character, is the unanimous verdict of competent criticism, while it grieves over unfulfilled possibilities.
  • allies At this juncture arrived word from their friends in Tegea that, unless they speedily appeared, Tegea would go over from them to the Argives and their allies, if it had not gone over already.
  • allow Will it please you, Illustrious, to allow me a few moments' conversation with Madonna Paola di Santafior?
  • alloy It was the Asiatic name for either tin itself, or for some tin-like alloy; and the passage wherein it occurs is one which follows a notice of Africa.
  • allude Anyhow, if you allude to the subject again, I shall feel it my duty to inform the colonel of my reasons for suspecting that you were concerned in spreading those false reports last night.
  • allure Phoebe's peculiar allure of utter softness was not one that could remain unfelt even among the slow and primitive young men she met day by day, or who gazed at her dewy mouth and eyes in the church which, for the sake of the vision, they attended instead of chapel.
  • ally Being much amused at this to have never a maid but Ashwell, that we do not intend to keep, nor a boy, and my wife and I being left for an hour, till my brother came in, alone in the house, I grew very melancholy, and so my brother being come in I went forth to Mrs. Holden's, to whom I formerly spoke about a girle to come to me instead of a boy, and the like I did to Mrs. Standing and also to my brother Tom, whom I found at an alehouse in Popinjay ally drinking, and I standing with him at the gate of the ally, Ashwell came by, and so I left Tom and went almost home with her, talking of her going away.
  • aloe The women spin and weave, and with the rudest appliances manufacture a variety of strong and durable cloths of silk, cotton and hemp, and of rofia palm, aloe and banana fibre, of elegant patterns, and often with much taste in colour.
  • attlee Accordingly Attlee wrote to confirm Jowitts conclusions but Bullock did not regard this as adequate redress.
  • awl It would take a big book tew make an almanack ov a cunning man, and the changes in him, fits, starts, and doubles, and hiz windings, hiz in's and hiz outs, the parables in which he talks, and the double entenders ov hiz face, awl that he duz, and awl that he thinks, are for effekt.
  • ell I kind o' wish you'd let me make the new ell two-story, father; 't wouldn't be much work, take it in slack time after hayin'.
  • ill Is your sister ill?
  • lee 10.15 A.M. It was now 10.30 A.M., and Jackson had long since learned that Lee was near at hand.
  • Alec Hope Alec will have dinner ready.
  • Aileen I tell you, Aileen, you can't do it; you've never learned to milk.
  • Allie And with the sinking of his spirit there returned the old haunting pangs-the memory of Allie Lee, the despairing doubts of life or death for her.
  • Arlene This followed a statement from Arlene Foster, leader of the Northern Ireland's anti-abortion DUP, whose votes are needed to give Mays Conservative Government its Parliamentary majority, that the issue should be decided by the Northern Ireland Assembly.
  • Earle "No wonder he ran off," said Earle.
  • Ole "All right, ole hoss!
  • Ollie I could buy out two-thirds of the young fellers in this county, Ollie, all in a bunch."
  • Adele Then at two o'clock, I will be at Thomas's to-morrow, Colonel; in the meantime, pray give Adele my best love.
  • Ellie She goes out with Ellie.
  • Ashlee The Boyfriend (album), a 1986 album by Danny Wilde Boyfriend, a 1989 album by Boy George Boyfriend (5566 album), 2004 Songs "Boyfriend" (Alphabeat song), 2007 "Boyfriend" ( Ashlee Simpson song), 2005 "Boyfriend" (Big Time Rush song), 2010 "Boyfriend" (Boyfriend song), 2011 "Boyfriend" (Justin Bieber song), 2012 "Boyfriend" (Lou Bega song), 2010 "Boyfriend" (Best Coast song), 2010 "Boyfriend" (Miki Fujimoto song), 2002 "Boyfriend" (RaeLynn song), 2012 "Boyfriend" (Tegan and Sara song), 2016 "Boyfriend #2", a 2008 song by Pleasure P "Boyfriend", a song by Best Coast from Crazy for You "Boyfriend", a song by Schoolyard Heroes from The Funeral Sciences
  • AOL ONE by AOL for Advertisers consists of: ONE by AOL: Attribution ONE by AOL: Audience ONE by AOL: Creative ONE by AOL: Display ONE by AOL: TV ONE by AOL: Video ONE by AOL: Video Marketplace Membership AOL offers a range of integrated products and properties including communication tools, mobile apps and services and subscription packages.
  • ALES L. -Wormwood is a strong bitter; and was formerly much used as such against weakness of the stomach, and the like, in medicated wines and ales.
  • alleys Sometimes, when he was earlier than usual, he carried a book with him, and paced one of the more obscure alleys, reading for an odd half-hour before he went to the daily mill-grinding in the big building beyond those quiet gardens.

13 words made from the letters allee

3 letter words made from allee:

all, lee, eel, ell, lea, ale.

4 letter words made from allee:

leel, leal, elea, lele, alee.

5 letter words made from allee:

leale, allee.

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