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How to spell ALLHA correctly?

If you have misspelled "Allha", the correct spelling would be "Allah". Allah is the Arabic word for God in Islam and is the most commonly used name for God by Muslims. Other suggestions for the misspelling could include "Aliah" or "Alha" but "Allah" is the most accurate.

List of suggestions on how to spell allha correctly

  • Aha Aha! Now I finally understand.
  • ala
  • Alana Alana is my best friend's name.
  • Alba Alba is a lovely name for a girl.
  • ALCOA ALCOA is a leading producer of aluminum in the United States.
  • alga
  • Alisa Alisa is the new girl in school.
  • Alisha Since 1998, actress Alisha Kurjak has appeared in multiple TV series and movies.
  • all All of the students passed the math test with flying colors.
  • allah
  • Allan
  • allay The medicine should allay the pain within a few minutes.
  • allen Allen ran up the stairs.
  • alley A alley is a dark, narrow corridor between two buildings.
  • Allie Can Allie come with us to the party tonight?
  • allot I'm going to allot you a spot in the front row.
  • allow I will allow you to borrow my car.
  • alloy A alloy is a metal that contains two or more elements.
  • ally
  • Alma A tree in my garden is, Alma.
  • aloha Aloha, I love you.
  • alpha The alpha wolf is the leader of their pack.
  • Alta Alta, Colorado is a liberal oasis in the conservative Rocky Mountains.
  • althea Althea is a type of plant commonly used for its medicinal and culinary properties.
  • Alva Alva was ecstatic when she found out she had passed her driving test.
  • Ella

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