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How to spell ALLOUR correctly?

If you meant "allour" but intended to write "all our", don't worry! This simple mistake can be corrected with a space in between. By separating the words, "all our" can convey the intended meaning, referring to everything belonging to us collectively. Remember, grammar and punctuation play a vital role in effective communication.

List of suggestions on how to spell allour correctly

  • allot I'll allot you space on the website.
  • allover Her shirt was allover with dirt.
  • allow I will allow you to enter the room once you have washed your hands.
  • allows The company allows you to use their software for free.
  • alloy The bicycle frame was made from a lightweight alloy.
  • Alloys Stainless steel is a combination of iron and other alloys.
  • allure The allure of his charming personality drew in many people.
  • aloud She read the book aloud so that everyone in the room could hear.
  • amour She shared that she had recently started a new business and that she was very busy with work and her new amour.
  • arbour The arbour was decorated with ivy.
  • ardour She had an ardour for music which was evident in everything she did.
  • armour The knights were wearing armour.
  • colour I love the colour blue because it reminds me of the ocean.
  • dolour The accident left a dolour on his heart.
  • flour I sprinkled flour on the bread before baking it.
  • lour The storm clouds began to lour over the city, signaling an imminent downpour.
  • pallor Her pallor was owing to her illness.
  • parlour My grandmother's parlour is where I often visit her when I'm in town.
  • valour He showed tremendous valour in the face of the danger.
  • velour She wore a velour shirt.

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