Correct spelling for ALOK

We think the word alok is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for alok

  • aglow The Irishman's face was aglow with pleasure.
  • ago If you had meant to go away you should have gone-some time ago."
  • agog There you will find domestics all agog for their wages-worth of travelling; why should they look out for 'a rainy day?
  • ak The finding of F may be continued thus: join AK, then AK is the acceleration image of the rod, OKA being the acceleration diagram.
  • al The ward, turning from the episode of the quarter, fixed on him curious and hostile eyes; and Al, glancing around the ward from the doorway, felt their hostility, and plucked Rosie's arm.
  • ala -Organized at Selina, Ala., April, 1865.
  • alar They are located in the fibrous tissue in the alae of the nose at the back of the greater alar cartilage.
  • alas But, alas, even the birds themselves were long since shut out of that garden of innocence, and as I started back toward the village a crow went hurrying past me, with a kingbird in hot pursuit.
  • alb glabripennis in Asia are the starry sky beetle, basicosta white-spotted longicorn beetle, or smooth shoulder-longicorn, and it is called the Asian long-horned beetle (ALB) in North America.
  • ale He remarked that he put no questions to me, because he put no question to anybody, because answers excited him about subjects that had no particular interest to him, and did not benefit him to the extent of a pipe of 'tobacco; and all through not being inquisitive, yesterday afternoon he had obtained, as if it had been chucked into his lap, a fine-flavoured fat goose honourably for his supper, besides bottles of ale, bottles of ginger-pop, and a fair-earned half-crown.
  • alga Alga Bishkek were established in Frunze during 1947, as FC Zenith Frunze.
  • algol 1968: Penultimate Draft Report on the Algorithmic Language ALGOL 68 – Chapters 1-9 Chapters 10-12 – Edited by: A.
  • ali Instead, he asked Hassan, "Could there be another Ali Moustafa in El Mouski?"
  • alike They were alike, doubtless,-as the red-eyed vireo's and the blue-head's are,-and yet they were not alike.
  • all "We all do that, I suppose.
  • allot Soon after the Restoration, Calverton lost its vicar, John Allot, for non-conformity.
  • allow Won't you allow me?
  • alloy Before any coin can be sanctioned by the realm, it has to go through the ordeal of Her Majesty's Government, and after all has been done to the satisfaction of the authorities, a little bit of copper-though now, for the good of our pockets, mixed with an alloy-is made to minister to our wants in ways which I hope to lay before you as plainly and shortly as possible.
  • ally You may, in fact, regard me, both of you, as an ally rather than as a rival."
  • aloe Throughout the week his intimacy with Hermann Falbe had developed, shooting up like an aloe flower, and rising into sunlight above the mists of his own self-occupied shyness, which had so darkly beset him all life long.
  • aloes Added to this are the mingled odors of garlic, burnt aloes, benzoin, fish, and the smoke of various substances that may be burning.
  • aloha Aloha dubautiae (Kirkaldy, 1910) — Hawaiian Islands Aloha flavocollaris Muir, 1916 — Hawaiian Islands Aloha ipomoeae Kirkaldy, 1904 — Hawaiian Islands Aloha kirkaldyi Muir, 1916 — Hawaiian Islands Aloha lycurgus Fennah, 1958 — Marquesas Islands Aloha myoporicola Kirkaldy, 1910 — Hawaiian Islands Aloha plectranthi Muir, 1916 — Hawaiian Islands Aloha swezeyi Muir, 1916 — Hawaiian Islands
  • alone And I wish to be alone.
  • along "I get along tolerably here," he wrote to another correspondent.
  • aloof Colonel Campion sat in heavy silence, and Olga instinctively held aloof.
  • aloud At a particular climax in the little play, she laughed aloud softly.
  • alp Alp. Not gone, but mix thy selfe among the rest.
  • also
  • alt
  • alto
  • alum
  • amok
  • ark
  • ask
  • auk
  • balk
  • bloc
  • block
  • bloke
  • calk
  • cloak
  • clock
  • clog
  • elk
  • flak
  • flock
  • flog
  • folk
  • ilk
  • lack
  • lark
  • lock
  • log
  • loki
  • look
  • polk
  • salk
  • slog
  • talk
  • walk
  • yolk
  • Alack "The lad!-dun ye know aught o' the lad? Poor Reuben!-he wunnot come back no more! Alack! alack!"
  • Alan "It's a great shame to interrupt you, Alan," Max said; "but one has certain duties towards one's guests, I believe; and you might help me very much, if you would be good-natured.
  • Alma Alma found time and ability to reflect that she had never known Gilbert was so fine-looking.
  • blog
  • Aldo El Bandolero" (Cosculluela) - 3:13 "Como Hacer" (Gocho) - 3:13 "Convéncete" (Naldo) (Produced by Nesty, Victor) - 3:14 "Acción" (Yaga & Mackie featuring Jeyko "El Padrote") - 3:15 "Te Recordaré" (Lennox, Norrys) - 3:02 Disc 2 "Se Transporta" (Marvin) - 3:25 "Sicario" (Mero) - 3:28 "Quema, Quema" ( Aldo & Dandy) (Produced by DJ Memo) - 3:39 "Declaro" (Manny Montes, Redimi2) - 4:42 "Estás Calentándome" (Baby Ranks) (Produced by Luny Tunes, Tainy) - 4:16 "Atácalos" (Rey Pirin) - 3:49 "Chica de Batalla" (Yo-Seph "The One") (Produced by Doble A & Nales "Los Presidentes") - 3:27 "No Te Obligo" (Alex Killer) - 3:25 "Ella Anda Sola" (Andy Boy) - 3:22 "Química II" (Wiso G) (Produced by Rafi Mercenario) - 3:25 "Chouchianna" (Glory) - 3:12 "Dios Te Libre" (TNT) - 4:21 "A lo Loco" (Roka & Gami) - 3:23 "Yo No Me Dejo" (Don Omar) (bonus track 1) - 4:00 "9/11/06" (Don Omar, Rell) (bonus track 2) - 3:09 - Diss track to Daddy Yankee DVD "Don Omar" (Bandoleros on the road)
  • Alec I went off to Scotland with a friend, Alec Macfarlane, and had some excellent shooting.
  • Alex The Professor, the Colonel and Alex were at the hoisting works when they were hoisted to the surface.
  • Alta
  • Alva
  • Alba "Neither of you shall forfeit his reward," said the great Alba.
  • Eloy
  • AOL
  • ALPO
  • ALCOA Alvin Boretz wrote for numerous shows including The Alcoa Hour, Armstrong Circle Theater, General Electric Theater, Playhouse 90, ABC Afterschool Special, CBS Childrens Hour, and ABC Movie of the Week.
  • ALES They may be themed, emphasizing beers from a certain region or in a particular style, for instance, the Winter Great British Beer Festival (Formerly the National Winter Ales Festival).
  • awoke

10 words made from the letters alok

4 letter words made from alok:

alko, okal, alok, klao, kola, akol.

3 letter words made from alok:

ola, oak, lao, oka.

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