What is the correct spelling for ALUED?

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Correct spelling for ALUED

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Possible correct spellings for alued

  • alder So he sat down again on his old seat, and leant hard against the alder trunk, as though to steady himself, and keep all troublesome thoughts well in front of him.
  • ale "The history of the British Army," he observed as he blew at his ale "'minds me of a married soldier's letter to his wife.
  • alert Herr Dremmel became alert and interested.
  • aleut I makes for it, gits close enough for my Aleut to recognize it-it ain't an easy place to forget for one who has eyes-an' then we're blown south, an' we git into ice an' trouble.
  • allied Dr. John W. Brannan, president of Bellevue and Allied Hospitals, New York City, is to report on skin and eye tuberculin tests for children at the International Congress on Tuberculosis, mentioned later.
  • allude Nana appears Noah; his title of Hare must allude to his long ears?
  • aloe When it is first drawn, this liquid is pleasant and refreshing, like the newly expressed juice of the grape, or still more like Mexican pulque, produced by the American aloe, which is the universal tipple of the people south of the Rio Grande.
  • aloud Together they were wont to ride to and from the woods in the cab of the logging locomotive, and once they both got on the log carriage in the mill with Dan Keyes, the head sawyer, and had a jolly ride up to the saw and back again, up and back again until the log had been completely sawed; and because he had refrained from crying aloud when the greedy saw bit into the log with a shrill whine, Dan Keyes had given him a nickel to put in his tin bank.
  • alt Keys like Alt and Meta are called modifier keys because they change the meaning of standard keys like the letter A. Sometimes you need to hold down more than one modifier; for example, Meta-Ctrl-a means to simultaneously press Meta, Ctrl, and lowercase a.
  • alter "Neither my opinion of my gaoler, nor my feelings, have changed since yesterday," replied Clara; "nor is the treatment I have received at all likely to alter them; and, as I have before declared, I will not quit this house, unless in the company of friends in whom I can confide.
  • elide 490. To scan the line, elide e in suffre, and read philosophre.
  • elude The figure stretched out upon the bed was deathlike in its rigid motionlessness, and Cynthia's hand lay over the thin, old wrinkled ones for fear in a drowsy moment the woman might elude her.
  • glued These pieces of paper can then be cut out and either glued to card-boards, or onto the herbarium sheet.
  • laud 131, 132; relations with the people and the king, 132-136; its triumph, 140; new struggle with James, 164-166; dealings of Charles I. and Laud with, 326, 328, 330, 331; re-established, 335; vii.
  • led "Don't wake her yet," he said, and led me around to the front verandah.
  • lied "Looks to me like a boulder," lied her escort unblushingly.
  • oiled Ilse was a familiar figure, just a sunburnt country girl with oiled hair, in her Sunday clothes; but Ingeborg was a foreigner, an astonishment.
  • old Betty said again, half to herself, how they were spoilt, the old things.
  • ruled With great difficulty we prised one of these up; to me it did not seem to have been moved since the ancient kings ruled in Mur and, after leaving it open for a long while for the air within to purify, lowered Roderick by a rope we had to report its contents.
  • valued To no one of the several workers in this field are we more indebted for the change which has been brought about in this respect than to my late valued and lamented friend Mr. Alfred Tylor.
  • Ailed The workhouse doctor declared at first that nothing ailed her-nothing at all.
  • Alluded As the Mutiny is alluded to briefly in the story of Havelock, I will only state that Sir Colin's vigorous, cautious, skilful policy ere long brought this fearful rebellion to a close.
  • Baled About 1,000 tons of paper were baled and sold per month.
  • Blued Before daybreak it is rinsed in warm water; then it is taken back to the river,-is rinsed again, bleached again, blued and starched.
  • Eluded But Flamby eluded him with ease, gliding behind the trunk of a friendly oak and peering out at the enraged man elfishly.
  • Haled Small hurt, meseems, my husband, had it been Though British hands had haled a Scythian queen - If such were found-some woman foul and fierce - To death-or aught we hold for shame's sake worse.
  • Hauled It was thus that I came to see something altogether unthought of-a full-rigged ship, close-hauled on the port tack, a few hundred yards on our starboard quarter.
  • Mauled It was an anxious meeting; the heads of the advancing French columns were already in sight; and the Duke saw with dismay the position of the Prussians on a slope that must expose them to the full force of Napoleon's cannon-or, as he whispered to Hardinge, "they will be damnably mauled if they fight here."
  • Paled In the grey of the winter dawn, as the stars paled and the whitened grass was stiff with hoar frost, and the rime coated every branch of the tall elms, as the milker came from the pen and the young ploughboy whistled down the road to his work, the spirit of the aged man departed.
  • Slued She grasped him under the arms and with the strength of a young Amazon slued him about as if he had been a sack of flour.
  • Puled April 30. Started to pul out this morning at 5.30 A. M, useing forsed draught, making 14.5 knots, going to try and make it by 4 P. M, have a head wind and light head sea. Droped anchor at 3 P. M. in the beautyfull harber of Rio de Janeiro, and befor the Mud hook struck the botom we had the news that war was declared on the 21st of April 1898, the very day we puled out of Sandy Point.
  • Aldo "I promise," said Aldo, laying flabby fingers in her earnest, outstretched hand.
  • allured As a matter of fact, had Pasteur allowed himself to be allured into the foundation of an immense manufactory constructed and directed on the great principles which he had discovered, there seems no doubt that this would have been a wonderful money-making scheme.
  • clued I called Ruth immediately after getting back just to see that she would turn on the radio and be clued in with the news, but this was before the Texas School Book Depository Building was mentioned, to my knowledge, and she was already watching the news.
  • Waled He seems to have waled the fellow within an inch of his life.

39 words made from the letters alued

3 letter words made from alued:

led, due, ade, eld, dle, lea, ale, leu, dal, lad.

5 letter words made from alued:

daule, audel, ulead, leaud, duela, duale, laude, deula, dealu.

4 letter words made from alued:

uale, deul, elua, leda, leud, dalu, delu, dula, lade, ladu, auld, duel, dale, daul, lude, deal, laud, dual, dule, lead.

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