Correct spelling for AMATUR

We think the word amatur is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for amatur

  • adar Various opinions are held regarding the time and truth of the story; but the feast of Purim, which commemorates the events narrated, is still observed by the Jews during the month of Adar.
  • almaty Legislative branch: bicameral Parliament consists of the Senate (39 seats; 7 senators are appointed by the president; other members are popularly elected, two from each of the 14 oblasts, the capital of Astana, and the city of Almaty, to serve six-year terms; note - formerly composed of 47 seats) and the Majilis (77 seats; 10 out of the 77 Majilis members are elected from the winning party's lists; members are popularly elected to serve five-year terms) election results: Senate - percent of vote by party - NA%; seats by party - NA; candidates nominated by local councils; Majilis - percent of vote by party - NA%; seats by party - Otan 42, AIST 11, ASAR (All Together) 4, Ak Zhol (Bright Path) 1, Democratic Party 1, independent 18; note - most independent candidates are affiliated with parastatal enterprises and other pro-government institutions elections: Senate - (indirect) last held 17 September 1999 (next to be held December 2005); Majilis - last held 19 September and 3 October 2004 (next to be held September 2009)
  • altar Her mind went back to that early hour almost in the dawning when she and Everard Monck had knelt together before the altar of the little English Church at Kurrumpore and been pronounced man and wife.
  • amati That portion of his life which was spent with the great master of line in violin facture, will, probably, in its details always remain a blank to us: but there is a lightning like flash thrown out by the fact of old Nicolas Amati bequeathing his collection of tools, patterns, etc.
  • amatory When separated they were interchanging letters, formally worded in the apostrophe and the termination, but throbbingly full: or Diana thought so of Percy's letters, with grateful justice; for his manner of opening his heart in amatory correspondence was to confide important, secret matters, up to which mark she sprang to reply in counsel.
  • amity Then answered Ceres, Verely Psyches, I am greatly moved by thy prayers and teares, and desire with all my heart to aide thee, but if I should suffer thee to be hidden here, I should increase the displeasure of my Cosin, with whom I have made a treatie of peace, and an ancient promise of amity: wherefore I advise thee to depart hence and take it not in evil part in that I will not suffer thee to abide and remaine here within my temple.
  • ammeter 24.-Principle of the Hot Wire Ammeter.
  • amour He had afterwards an amour with Semele, the supposed daughter of Cadmus: and they mention his having a like intimacy with Alcmena an age or two later.
  • amur Although the Benu Amur boast of some pretty girls, yet they are far inferior to the high-bosomed beauties of Nijd.
  • animator It requires a just hand, said she continuing her discourse, to weigh & divide the good from evil-On the earth they are inextricably entangled and if you would cast away what there appears an evil a multitude of beneficial causes or effects cling to it & mock your labour-When I was on earth and have walked in a solitary country during the silence of night & have beheld the multitude of stars, the soft radiance of the moon reflected on the sea, which was studded by lovely islands-When I have felt the soft breeze steal across my cheek & as the words of love it has soothed & cherished me-then my mind seemed almost to quit the body that confined it to the earth & with a quick mental sense to mingle with the scene that I hardly saw-I felt-Then I have exclaimed, oh world how beautiful thou art!-Oh brightest universe behold thy worshiper!-spirit of beauty & of sympathy which pervades all things, & now lifts my soul as with wings, how have you animated the light & the breezes!-Deep & inexplicable spirit give me words to express my adoration; my mind is hurried away but with language I cannot tell how I feel thy loveliness! Silence or the song of the nightingale the momentary apparition of some bird that flies quietly past-all seems animated with thee & more than all the deep sky studded with worlds!"-If the winds roared & tore the sea and the dreadful lightnings seemed falling around me-still love was mingled with the sacred terror I felt; the majesty of loveliness was deeply impressed on me-So also I have felt when I have seen a lovely countenance-or heard solemn music or the eloquence of divine wisdom flowing from the lips of one of its worshippers-a lovely animal or even the graceful undulations of trees & inanimate objects have excited in me the same deep feeling of love & beauty; a feeling which while it made me alive & eager to seek the cause & animator of the scene, yet satisfied me by its very depth as if I had already found the solution to my enquires [sic] & as if in feeling myself a part of the great whole I had found the truth & secret of the universe-But when retired in my cell I have studied & contemplated the various motions and actions in the world the weight of evil has confounded me-If I thought of the creation I saw an eternal chain of evil linked one to the other-from the great whale who in the sea swallows & destroys multitudes & the smaller fish that live on him also & torment him to madness-to the cat whose pleasure it is to torment her prey I saw the whole creation filled with pain-each creature seems to exist through the misery of another & death & havoc is the watchword of the animated world-And Man also-even in Athens the most civilized spot on the earth what a multitude of mean passions-envy, malice-a restless desire to depreciate all that was great and good did I see-And in the dominions of the great being I saw man [reduced?][97] far below the animals of the field preying on one anothers [sic] hearts; happy in the downfall of others-themselves holding on with bent necks and cruel eyes to a wretch more a slave if possible than they to his miserable passions-And if I said these are the consequences of civilization & turned to the savage world I saw only ignorance unrepaid by any noble feeling-a mere animal, love of life joined to a low love of power & a fiendish love of destruction-I saw a creature drawn on by his senses & his selfish passions but untouched by aught noble or even Human-
  • armature The relay armature of the calling party does not fall back with the establishment of the low-resistance path at the called station, because, even though shunted, it still receives sufficient current to hold its armature in its attracted position.
  • armour Potter, unheeding, dreamily proceeded: "In silver armour.
  • attar Five guineas have been often paid for one ounce of attar of roses.
  • avatar Greece, with its triumphs in literature, in the drama and in art, and all its magnificent civilization, knew no Avatar.
  • immature Then throw out all decayed and immature fruit.
  • mat When Gawigawen went to Aponibolinayen at night she changed to oil, and she did that every night, and they put the carabao hides under her mat so the oil would not drop to the ground.
  • mate Sing out an order instantly for my mate and my bos'n to come here to the cabin, and be quick about it, for my finger's on the trigger, and it's only a pull to shut your mouth forever."
  • mater The Entombment ends, and the last tableau is of the Mater Dolorosa in the Solitude.
  • matt Matt put his hand on her wrist.
  • matter What matter is it to you?
  • Maud With greatly excited curiosity the boys now walked toward the house; but there was a slight delay, for as they approached Maud and Ethel came running to meet them.
  • Amt Denmark metropolitan Denmark - 14 counties (amter, singular - amt) and 2 boroughs* (amtskommuner, singular - amtskomunes); Arhus, Bornholm, Fredericksberg*, Frederiksborg, Fyn, Kobenhavn, Kobenhavns*, Nordjylland, Ribe, Ringkobing, Roskilde, Sonderjylland, Storstrom, Vejle, Vestsjalland, Viborg note: see separate entries for the Faroe Islands and Greenland, which are part of the Kingdom of Denmark and are self-governing overseas administrative divisions
  • Omar Omar sat absorbed in thought.
  • Ama SIR AMA. Excellent, excellent!
  • Ahmad The question is fully discussed, and the opinion of the earlier commentators endorsed by Syed Ahmad in his Commentary on the Bible.
  • Amado Smo y muy exte Rey & pncipe nro muy caro y muy amado hro y tio nro Senor vos aya en su especial guarda y Recomjenda de barcelona a xxviij dias de hebrero de dxjx as. Yo Elrey.
  • Amer Washington, 11:189-190, July 1, 1897. Eutamias, Howell, A. H., N. Amer.
  • amateurs To-day they were filled, for an international title was at issue and Herring, prince of amateurs, was playing off the final round of his match with the dour Scotch professional, McLeod.
  • EMT While reduced ROS Level promotes radioresistance and EMT phenotype of cancer stem cells, Notch signaling interacts with cellular metabolism to promote breast cancer stem cell.
  • amateur Eustace Miles, M.D., amateur tennis player of England, says: I do not consider a mere athlete to be a really healthy man.

77 words made from the letters amatur

3 letter words made from amatur:

aar, ara, atm, tum, rum, arm, tau, mut, tar, ram, rat, trm, rut, uta, uma, mat, mar, tam, art.

5 letter words made from amatur:

matar, amrut, rauma, ramat, murta, turma, utara, marat, ratua, matua, maart, tuama, tamur, artau, muara, aurat, atmar, matru, mutaa, urata, amaut, tarma, utama, amaru, tarau, ataru, marut.

4 letter words made from amatur:

muar, rama, aram, ruam, aura, atum, mart, murt, atar, ratu, arua, amur, maru, ramu, tara, tuam, maar, ruta, raum, raut, tram, arau, mara, uram, taua, arum.

6 letter words made from amatur:

mutara, murata, matura, trauma, maruta.

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