Correct spelling for AMEDIATE

We think the word amediate is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for amediate

  • acetate The poison, if precipitated at all by lead acetate, must have gone down in one of the preceding fractions.
  • aerated For what is vulgarly known as the fin-de-siecle type of publication, on the other hand, one should limit oneself to an aerated bread shop for a week or so, with the exception of an occasional tea in a literary household.
  • agitate In a letter to Beza, Ursinus, the chief author of the Heidelberg Catechism, shrewdly advised the Reformed to continue accepting the Augsburg Confession, but to agitate against the Formula.
  • ambit In a spirit of stoic despair he had come to the seat of war. He had invited Destiny to sweep him up in her reaping, by placing himself in the ambit of her scythe; but the sharp reaping-hook had passed him by.
  • amenity She entered the room smiling, with the natural amenity of women who can show a fine set of teeth, transparent as porcelain between rosy lips, and dimpling cheeks as fresh as those of childhood.
  • amity Not one ambassador from any one of those powers who pretend to live in amity with this kingdom took the least notice of that unheard-of declaration; nor will Great Britain, till she is known with certainty to be true to her own dignity, find any one disposed to feel for the indignities that are offered to her.
  • amputate It was at one time contemplated to amputate the left foot, but in his prostrate condition this was considered unsafe and hopeless.
  • audit Some circumstances, however, at length made this latter lady suspicious, and she wished to audit the books The Captain prevaricated-the lady remonstrated, until the gentleman, with more truth than manners, told her that she was a fool-the money he had expended or lost at dice; and that he did not think the ministers quite so silly as to make him a lord, or that he himself was such a fool as to make her his wife; so the whole thing exploded."
  • edit 1569. 319. Hath, 1st edit.
  • edited Edited by Edward L. Thorndike; illustrated by Helen Sewell.
  • emaciate All thy vigor and thy life Fading in this bitter strife; Death his stamp on thee has set, Hollow and emaciate, Faint and drooping there.
  • emanate I spoke once of that paragraph purporting to emanate from Prince Ernest.
  • emirate United Arab Emirates unicameral Federal National Council (FNC) or Majlis al-Ittihad al-Watani (40 seats; 20 members appointed by the rulers of the constituent states, 20 members elected to serve four-year terms) elections: elections for one half of the FNC (the other half remains appointed) held on 18-20 December 2006; the new electoral college - a body of 6,689 Emiratis (including 1,189 women) appointed by the rulers of the seven emirates - were the only eligible voters and candidates; 456 candidates including 65 women ran for 20 contested FNC seats; one female from the Emirate of Abu Dhabi won a seat and 8 women were among the 20 appointed members note: the FNC reviews legislation but cannot change or veto
  • emulate Boys learn to swim like otters and skate like Hollanders, and their sisters emulate them in the skating, though not so much in the swimming as they should.
  • imitate Let the young men who are just stepping on the stage of action imitate John Penn in his successful efforts to be useful.
  • immediate But the little discussion had brought Peter to a sharp realisation of the immediate business of ways and means.
  • immediately First came the relief at learning that he was not to be killed immediately and then the wonderful news that he was free to go to Jamestown.
  • mediate The pure possibility carries with it warning enough for the Maritime Powers, and all the other Protestant Princes, to mediate a peace for Sweden, and strengthen his arms again, without which no preparations can put them sufficiently upon their guard; and this must be done early and betimes, before the King of Sweden, either out of despair or revenge, throws himself into the Czar's hands.
  • mediator Blest with the continual companionship of a woman of genius, as amiable as she was gifted, who placed herself as a gentle mediator between Schumann's intellectual life and the outer world, he composed many of his finest vocal and instrumental compositions during the years immediately succeeding his marriage; among them the cantata "Paradise and the Peri," and the "Faust" music.
  • mutate
  • Audited First, we entreat your worship that the upper Warden of the Yeomanry's account may be yearly audited according to an old custom carefully provided for by your worships predecessors, (that is to say) by two from your worships Court of Assistants and two of our Ancients of the yeomanry.
  • Emitted A half-smoked cigar cast into the shrubbery emitted a tiny shower of sparks.
  • Omitted
  • Emerita The other, Emerita, the Duchess' favourite, was dressed no less splendidly though less elaborately; her hair was modestly fastened up in a fine net of silver-threads tied with white, and a black velvet cap embroidered with pearls; her robes of soft white silk and woollen stuff were bordered with dark fur, and fell heavily and simply to her feet.

145 words made from the letters amediate

5 letter words made from amediate:

dtime, amida, edite, amade, tedim, atemi, matai, ameet, demet, aimat, mated, madea, edema, taide, matia, maadi, teaed, demat, meade, damat, mitad, maaed, tiede, timed, adema, damai, meite, miata, madia, eidem, teide, aemia, maide, daime, mitee, etiam, etmda, amedi, atmia, madai, amati, amide, eitam, adame, adami, diate, maati, atami, imaad, taida, matei, tamid, medea, media, idaea, admit, tmaai, tamed, damae, idama, aadmi, tamei, maeda, midea.

3 letter words made from amediate:

dit, aim, tie, ada, ida, tea, eta, dat, mat, ted, dim, mid, dia, mit, eat, iaa, tee, atm, dam, mei, aid, tai, ate, tam, mad, ade, die, tia, tad, med.

4 letter words made from amediate:

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