How to spell AMIUNT correctly?

We think the word amiunt is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell amiunt correctly

  • aliment In our examination of this very wonderful coincidence of sameness and diversity, I shall confine my remarks to the phenomena which are purely mental, omitting the objections drawn from the daily waste and daily aliment of our corporeal part, the whole force of which objection may be admitted, without any scruple by those who contend for the identity only of the thinking principle; since the individuality of this would be as little destroyed, though every particle of the body were completely changed, as the individuality of the body itself would be destroyed, by a change of the mere garments that invest it. The manner in which the mind is united to a system of particles, which are in a perpetual state of flux, is, indeed, more than we can ever hope to be able to explain; though it is really not more inexplicable, than its union to such a system of particles would be, though they were to continue forever unchanged.
  • ambient Mark Ambient made no reply; he simply slipped past her in the doorway, as if he were afraid she would seize him in his passage, and bounded upstairs, to judge for himself of his child's condition.
  • ambit Do you have time for a quick chat?
  • amen
  • amend The amendment will change the text of the document.
  • amity Being friendly and kind to others is a sign of amity.
  • amount I want to know the total amount of money I owe.
  • ant
  • arming She was arming herself for the fight that lay ahead.
  • aunt My aunt always sends me cookies for my birthday.
  • emit She emitted a soft moan.
  • mind She couldn't quite put her finger on what was wrong, but something was definitely off.
  • mint I have a mint toothbrush.
  • minuet She performed a minuet for the guests.
  • minuit The alarm clock goes off at one in the morning.
  • mount
  • omit I omitted to mention that I am also a law enforcement officer.
  • varmint I'm surprised there's a varmint in my gun cabinet.
  • Aiming I strove to avoid aiming at his life, but he compelled me."
  • Ain't But you air smart, ain't ye?
  • Amid Amidst all the commotion, I was able to slip away unnoticed.
  • Amounted
  • Avaunt She avaunteth from the room in a flurry.
  • Mont
  • Amt
  • Minty
  • amounts I have a large amount of cash on me.
  • INT
  • Minot

List of 89 words made from the word amiunt

3 letter words made from amiunt:

nit, tai, ain, tin, mat, man, mut, nut, atm, tan, ant, aim, nim, tam, tum, uni, min, tiu, tau, tia, uma, ani, mit, uta, tun, anu.

4 letter words made from amiunt:

mint, atun, tuna, tian, muti, main, anti, munt, maun, aunt, inma, utan, tuam, mina, tuni, numt, umit, naum, tumi, numi, uitm, unti, atum, ainu, muan, maui, uman, itum, matn, tuin, nuit, timu, unit, nuta.

5 letter words made from amiunt:

munia, maniu, ntumi, tanum, timna, utina, tuman, antum, nauti, autin, mitau, utian, timan, uinta, tanui, tumin, antim, utami, uniat, tamin, inamu, nuami, tuina, mantu, aminu, manti, mutai, animu, umina.

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