Correct spelling for AMMEITIES

We think the word ammeities is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for ammeities

  • amenities The gathering itself, on the other hand, became to a large extent a fiesta, a festive occasion for the display of social amenities.
  • ammeter The scale may be completed by marking the positions of the pointer when other currents of known strength flow through the ammeter.
  • Impieties This is the school from whence come all the injustice, and cruelties, and persecutions, and impieties of magistrates, and all the murmurings and rebellions of subjects: this is the soil and seminary where the seed of the devil is first sown, and where he nurseth up the plants of covetousness, and pride, and ambition, and revenge, malignity, and sensuality, till he transplant them for his service into several offices in church and state, and into all places of inferiority, where they may disperse their venom, and resist all that is good, and contend for the interest of the flesh and hell, against the interest of the Spirit and of Christ.
  • Moieties Thus, Mr. Figgins chooses to see his side of a pillar painted a pale chocolate, while his neighbour Mrs. Hopkins insists on disguising the other half with a coat of light cream colour, or haply a delicate shade of Dutch pink; so that the identity of material which made it so hard for Transfer, in Zeluco, to distinguish between his metal Venus and Vulcan, is often the only incident that the two moieties have in common.
  • ammeters The majority of ammeters are either connected in series with the circuit carrying the current to be measured (for small fractional amperes), or have their shunt resistors connected similarly in series.
  • amides Esters of acetic acid can likewise be formed via Fischer esterification, and amides can be formed.

224 words made from the letters ammeities

5 letter words made from ammeities:

mates, emami, temes, tasim, mitee, mesme, memet, stemm, imsai, saite, eesti, tesem, matei, tames, smite, timia, tamim, setia, emsam, timme, ieast, eames, satie, emits, stamm, tsiam, seame, eisai, tisma, metsa, metis, items, isaie, steam, tisei, temme, semai, simei, maist, mimes, meets, seeta, meise, teams, mamee, itaim, estai, imeem, imame, etiam, mames, taimi, isami, times, imams, temsa, semie, sitae, memes, ismet, tease, steme, sitia, amies, siame, setai, emesa, steai, emmis, atemi, siete, samet, ismai, smeii, temas, seima, eitam, tmema, misia, tamei, emmet, miami, ameet, samim, itami, aesti, simme, maese, mamet, amese, smita, teems, meite, seita, timei.

3 letter words made from ammeities:

mat, atm, sea, mem, est, sam, mis, ate, tia, mes, ism, eat, mam, mst, mei, tie, tai, mit, sat, ies, set, tee, stm, eta, tam, esm, ese, see, sit, tea, aim.

6 letter words made from ammeities:

metasi, mamees, tamise, samite, misaim, aimees, seimei, taisei, sammet, mismet, misima, meseta, tameem, matese, emmies, semati, samiti, meisei, tamimi, emmets, timese, timema, semite, semeta, maties, stemma, seatme, stemme, semeia, estima, stimme, simiae, immies, mamiit, mamies, meitei, immits, meimei, semmit, misate, miseat.

4 letter words made from ammeities:

7 letter words made from ammeities:

atimies, amesite, steamie, semimat, mismeet, meiteis, mistime, meaties, itemise.

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