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How to spell AMOUSE correctly?

The correct spelling for "amouse" could be "a mouse" or "amuse". "A mouse" refers to the small rodent while "amuse" means to entertain or provide enjoyment.

List of suggestions on how to spell amouse correctly

  • Amos Amos is a biblical name often used in Hebrew speaking communities.
  • amour
  • amours Many of his amours had ended in heartbreak, leaving him jaded and cynical about love.
  • amuse The joke was so funny that it managed to amuse the entire audience.
  • amused I was amused by the silly antics of the playful kittens.
  • amuses Watching funny cat videos always amuses me.
  • arouse The loud music could arouse a sleeping baby.
  • famous
  • meuse
  • moose When we went camping, we saw a moose walking through the forest.
  • morse The communication system used by sailors and pilots in distress is morse code.
  • mouse
  • mouser My cat is an excellent mouser and catches mice all the time.
  • mousse
  • mousy She had mousy brown hair and timid personality.
  • muse The muse is a divine figure who inspires artists and writers.

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