How to spell ANCOUS correctly?

If you're struggling with the misspelling "ancous", here are some possible correct suggestions. You might have intended to write "envious", conveying a feeling of jealousy. Another option could be "uncles", referring to male siblings of one's parents. Lastly, "canvas" might be what you were aiming for, a versatile material often used for painting or creating artwork.

List of suggestions on how to spell ancous correctly

  • anchors She used her anchors to keep from drifting away from him.
  • angus I think my cattle are getting ANGUS.
  • animus The animus towards his competitors was clear to see.
  • Anions The anions are the negatively charged atoms in a molecule.
  • annoys Loud chewing annoys me greatly.
  • anxious I am anxious to finish this project so that I can go on vacation.
  • ANZUS ANZUS is an acronym for the security treaty between Australia, New Zealand, and the United States.

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