Correct spelling for ANICIPATE

We think the word anicipate is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for anicipate

  • Anisette
  • Timar turned on his heel and slammed the door behind him. the cuttle-fish drew back into the dusky depths of its smoky lair, poured down another glass of anisette, and considered that some answer ought to have been given.

  • Anticipate
  • You do not anticipate from me, in my desolate position, all the passionate protestations of a lover?

    From 'Noho' to 'Soho' the congregate Gladrags and handbags we anticipate

    – Dolls by gavin friday
  • Ancient
  • That owen fitzgerald was a gentleman of high blood and ancient family, so much she had cared to know; for the rest, she had only cared to feel this, that her heart beat high with pleasure when he was with her.

  • Incite
  • Causing him to perpetrate the crime, from time to time, he would incite him with prospects of retrieve, guide his hand to consummate the crime again, and watch the moment when he might reap the harvest of his own infamy.

  • Inciter
  • Emancipate
  • Emancipate yourself from it as quickly as possible.

  • Incited
  • It was easy to perceive by the manner of the chief, allorron, and his people that they had been incited by abou saood and his companies against the expedition.

295 words made from the letters anicipate

3 letter words made from anicipate:

ent, ant, nit, pie, pit, ate, pct, nap, epa, eat, ape, ice, tia, net, cat, ane, tec, ain, ten, ace, etc, tic, act, pat, apc, pin, tin, tip, cpa, tan, ani, pet, pic, apt, tea, pac, pen, eta, pan, atp, pia, pea, cpi, tcp, cia, epi, can, ect, tap, tpn, nip, pei, cap, aec, tai, ana, iaa, tie, nec.

4 letter words made from anicipate:

5 letter words made from anicipate:

iceni, citie, pacta, inept, tanii, atina, tiaan, tapei, canai, encap, tenia, antai, paite, cenpi, inite, antic, paine, tapan, cinae, tacna, napea, actin, pieta, apian, incae, eatin, einat, petai, centi, taipa, apace, piani, pitie, panti, entia, tapin, einai, tapen, aecia, penca, paean, patia, tapia, inapt, taean, cipta, panet, tinea, tinca, apini, taiep, taani, piata, tiein, ciena, piana, ciani, panic, patni, etapa, panta, pince, penta, nepit, apnea, actia, anpac, atnip, patan, penia, apate, ician, etica, patai, patea, cania, nitai, paani, caapi, piane, tapai, apiin, cante, teian, nepic, piena, ipana, picea, cient, panai, capet, canet, tanec, canap, pecan, tapie, paint, penii, pacte, iinet, penic, canta, taian, pinte, patna, cinta, etian, paita, enact, tepic.

6 letter words made from anicipate:

incata, necati, capena, petani, actine, cetana, pinata, cainta, patina, tainia, nicati, actian, pantic, centai, taipan, pinate, pancit, petain, pacini, incept, apneic, pianic, pineta, pantie, catnap, apinae, canape, anicia, taipei, patane, enatic, tiepin, taniec, aptina, paniai, pecina, pantai, peinct, pectin, aptian, incite, patani, canipe, catnip, pancia, catena, citian, anicet, pinite, cetina, aitape, antica, taenia, apncea, tapani, inapte, tipica, encata.

7 letter words made from anicipate:

anaptic, piantic, picante, patinae, actinia, caetani, picinae, incatpa, captain, pecinta, incaite, catepan, natapei.