Correct spelling for ANIMOUS

We think the word animous is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for animous

  • animism Reinach, whose studies of religious origins are always interesting and characterized by a certain Gallic grace and nettete, though with a somewhat Jewish non-perception of the mystic element in life, defines Religion as a combination of animism and scruples.
  • animist From his studies into child development, Jean Piaget suggested that children were born with an innate animist worldview in which they anthropomorphized inanimate objects, and that it was only later that they grew out of this belief.
  • animus + +Palam beatus, ni unum desit, animus qui modeste isthaec ferat.
  • anomalous And both these all-pervading facts combined to force him against his will into this anomalous position of gentlemanly gambler, which suited neither his temperament nor his principles.
  • anonymous It was about two years after his first acquaintance with Mr. Pye, that my father, being then in his twenty-fifth year, influenced by the circle in which he then lived, gave an anonymous volume to the press, the fate of which he could little have foreseen.
  • enormous The Turks rushed to the edge of the ditch, attempted to fill the enormous chasm and to build a road to the assault.
  • unanimous "If chosen commander by a unanimous vote," he said.
  • Amos He concluded that Amos must be either exceedingly brave or hopelessly crazy.
  • Animals He charms animals and people.
  • Anions In the crystalline form, the hydrogenacetylenedicarboxylate anions are joined into linear chains by uncommonly short hydrogen bonds.
  • aims You were fitted for nobler aims than such a life can offer."
  • IMUS On the 26th March the division, leaving a garrison in Imus, started for Bacoor to take the defences in reverse, and such was the effect on the rebels of their defeat at Imus and of the advance in overwhelming force, that they fled, and the division occupied Bacoor almost without firing a shot.
  • animators The festival has its roots firmly planted in the creative side of the animation and computer games industries and acts to provide animators, directors, students, artists, designers, writers and educators with a forum in which they can share their knowledge and skills and promote the art of animation and computer games development.
  • amours I was inspired to write them by an intense admiration of Clough's Amours de Voyage, an admiration which grows greater, not lesser, with years.

211 words made from the letters animous

3 letter words made from animous:

uma, sin, ani, mus, sum, nsu, ain, mao, aim, sam, ans, mon, son, oas, mis, min, man, ism, moa, som, uni, nim, sou, usa, sun, uns, oui, anu, iou, imo, ion, iso.

4 letter words made from animous:

monu, muon, sium, inma, oman, onus, maon, moua, siam, sian, omai, maoi, suon, suan, saun, mina, omni, noua, mons, inoa, asio, miou, moan, soma, sumo, sonu, naum, suin, anio, numi, nous, somu, maun, anus, muan, sima, oium, ouma, ainu, sami, suao, noma, amoi, siau, asin, uman, saum, miao, aims, inus, soua, mona, smin, naso, musa, sion, nsui, iuno, unio, main, amon, aoun, saom, suoi, maui, osun.

5 letter words made from animous:

moins, inamu, oumas, mason, manis, omani, misan, iamsu, naoum, inmos, moans, mansi, onias, suona, suomi, amuso, osmun, omans, mouni, anios, munis, mosin, nisou, sanou, animu, usian, amnio, namus, sumin, manou, asuni, misua, sunim, onium, monia, osumi, siuan, sunam, musan, aunis, ouais, unism, sunia, nouma, nuami, animo, sonam, imson, suina, nasim, osani, osamu, monis, amino, soami, onuma, osuna, maino, simon, anous, maniu, miaou, umina, monus, asnom, manso, munio, miano, isamu, nimos, minos, naomi, souma, soman, siano, mauno, aminu, samon, masuo, omnis, simao, masin, sunao, smuin, nomia, manos, munia, manus, minoa, omnia, moais, imano, amins, sonum, namoi, somua, monas, isoun, usain, mausi, minou, usami, mosan, siamo, minus, nismo, misao, samui, ousia, maius, misna, mouin, smain.

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