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How to spell ANNAS correctly?

If you meant "annas" instead of "anas", then here are a few possible suggestions for your misspelling. "Annas" could refer to the plural form of "anna", a unit of currency in many countries. It may also signify a biblical name, "Anna" or a plural possessive form of "anna's."

List of suggestions on how to spell annas correctly

  • aeneas Aeneas is a hero in ancient Roman mythology who fled Troy and later founded Rome.
  • ana Ana is planning to go on a trip next month.
  • ananias Ananias was reluctant at first, but eventually, he agreed to go and restore Saul's sight.
  • Ann Ann has always been interested in nature photography.
  • anna Anna was more interested in the science project than Anna.
  • annals A history of the annals is a record of past events.
  • annam Annam is a traditional Vietnamese dish made of steamed rice rolls filled with pork and mushrooms.
  • Anne I wish I could meet Anne.
  • anneals
  • annoys I can't stop farting and it annoys the heck out of me.
  • annuals I like to plant annuals in my garden every year because they provide colorful blooms all summer long.
  • annuls The court annuls the fraudulent marriage contract.
  • ans
  • Ants Insects such as ants are common in the underbrush.
  • Arenas The arenas are filled with cheering fans.
  • AWNS The wheat had long AWNS that were blowing in the wind.
  • banns The vicar read the banns aloud.
  • inns The quaint town had many charming inns, each with their own unique character and history.

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